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In addition to visible physical studies in Adana, Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, who built the city in the next century with his city planning with the experts in his field, signed projects that add vision to the city during four years of service, and realized critical moves that solve traffic nodes within the scope of the works carried out in coordination with the transportation master plan. spends


Hüseyin Sözlü, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, who presents the biggest projects that a municipality can do with its own resources to the citizens of Adana with the power it receives from its fellow citizens, completes the projects that will change the vision of the city one by one by displaying the most productive example of nationalist and productive municipalism. When construction is completed, approximately 100 thousand vehicles to pass through every day, a municipality which is the largest bridge with his own resources in Turkey Devlet Bahçeli work is progressing rapidly on the Bridge. The State Bahceli Bridge, which will shoulder the traffic load in the region, continues a feverish day and night.


The third phase of Adnan Menderes Beach Road, which is among the vision projects of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, continues uninterruptedly. Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which has put the Adnan Menderes Coastal Road Arrangement and Culture Axis Project into practice in the Seyhan Dam Lake, which is the common use area of ​​​​the citizens, saves the previously occupied areas from occupation with bicycle paths and jogging paths, pavements, beach arrangements and recreation applications, and puts them at the disposal of the citizens. A very large green area on the left of Adnan Menderes Coastal Road according to the direction of going. kazannagged. The Metropolitan Municipality, which shapes the green area with a landscaping where the citizens can have a picnic and have a good time, is preparing to prevent invasions on the American Island.


Prestige to the city kazanPresident Hüseyin Sözlü, who has implemented projects that bring deep-rooted solutions to transportation problems as well as challenging projects, completed the first phase of the Alparslan Türkeş Differential Level Junction Project. With this project, the construction of 6 lane vehicle bridges with a total length of 824 meters, 2 on the right and left, was carried out on Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard. Continuing parallel to the Light Rail System route, the project gave way to Mavi Boulevard and Kasım Ener Street with side road connections. A 6-meter extension was made on both sides of the highway crossing bridges within the impact area of ​​the project. The first phase of Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard, which has been disconnected from Mavi Boulevard and Kasım Ener Boulevard with viaducts and transiting the highway with bridges, has been completed and put into service.


Karaisalı countryside, two vehicles can not pass side by side aircraft downloading, for years neglected the Lakes Plateau, almost perforating the mountains, President Hüseyin Sözlü, transportation master plan within the scope of the work carried out in coordination with the traffic burden of the city is putting successive projects. President Hüseyin Sözlü's latest critical move to ease D-400 traffic was the launch of the 10 lane road to the Kyrenia Bridge. Within the scope of the project, right and left pedestrian bridges will be demolished and instead of vehicle bridges, two lane bridges will be built to 11,5 meters width instead of three and a half meters. With these additional bridges, the width of the bridge will be increased from 25 meters to 52,5 meters, which means its capacity will be doubled. In total, the platform width of the Kyrenia Bridge will become the 10 lane bridge.

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