ABB Wireless Security System Creates a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment

ABB is expanding its smart building product portfolio with safety equipment ABB-secure @ home, which provides protection against fire and water, as well as protection inside and outside the home.

ABB-secure @ home is a new, user-friendly security and alarm system for residential use, which can be integrated with ABB's existing home automation solution and intercom system. This system is fully accessible online through the MyBuildings portal, powered by the company's cloud-based ABB Ability ™ platform. Its key features include a stylish and modern design with an integrated capacitive backlit keypad, an intuitive configuration wizard and an easy-to-use interface.

Manage and monitor all the safety and security functions of a building, including setting up and disabling remote intrusion alarms via the MyBuildings portal via the central unit that works with ABB-free @ home®, either through the ABB-WelcomeTouch panel or via a personal computer or mobile device Available for.

As Axel Kaiser, ABB Building Automation's Global Product Manager, “Keeping you safe and protecting your home is one of the most important functions of smart building automation, even when you're not there.” they can access intelligent control at the level. Security, lighting, shutter control, temperature adjustment and door entry are now part of a single smart and integrated system. ”

Commissioning and controlling ABB-secure @ home is extremely easy, even from a distance. It seamlessly integrates with existing technology to create a safe and comfortable home environment.

This new wireless security system provides effective infrared detection both inside and outside the house as well as door and window monitoring. Safety sensors can be divided into predefined or customized compartments, and safety sensors can be activated according to customer requirements when monitoring smoke and water leaks. It also uses the latest encrypted wireless technology with bidirectional communication, which enables the system to maximize protection.

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