ABB Ability EDCS, Electrical Distribution Control System

The ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System is designed to monitor, optimize and control low-voltage power distribution systems, providing a powerful cloud-based solution using the connectivity features of the Emax 2 circuit breakers.

Electrical energy was once managed by public institutions, generating electricity in large and central power plants, as well as providing its transmission and distribution to the end user. The privatizations have changed this picture all over the world, and the production, transmission and distribution of energy have been operated by different companies. Another catalyst that led to change was the increase in renewable energy resources, which in many countries accounted for a significant part of the national energy budget.

In this new landscape, cost and complexity have become critical issues: the additional costs required to quickly install software and hardware for control, monitoring or management systems are quite disproportionate to general expenditure. Increased system complexity also leads to additional costs. Many innovative hardware and software solutions have emerged to reduce these costs. However, with a large number of digital systems and numerous suppliers, a fully integrated approach is required.

ABB Ability ™

ABB announces new centralized software platform at the end of 2016 - ABB Ability ™. The aim of ABB Ability ™ is to bring together all of ABB's digital products and services to create business value for ABB customers. Each is made up of a unique combination of industry knowledge, technology leadership and digital expertise. In addition to ABB's digital solutions, ABB Ability ™ will increase ABB's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capacity across a volume * across the business units.

With more than 70.000-based digital control systems and 70 more than a million devices already in the field, ABB is one of the companies with the most established system in the industry and offers great potential with ABB Ability ™ for its customers.

ABB Ability ™ is built on Microsoft Azure to improve performance and guarantee the highest reliability and security. ABB and Microsoft Corporation have established a strategic partnership to enable customers to benefit from the unique combination of Azure and ABB's in-depth knowledge of the field and a comprehensive portfolio of industrial solutions.

Emax 2 and ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System

ABB's low-voltage devices and ABB's Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System come together to take full advantage of the power of the ABB Ability ™ platform, which enables the user to implement an innovative energy and asset management solution in electrical systems.

Adding to the already existing product (eg Emax 2 circuit breaker), using a communication infrastructure already in place (internet), advanced protection, optimization, connectivity and logic as well as load, power generation and storage management can be provided without the need for expensive additional devices. The ABB Ability ™ EDCS solution opens the door for extra functionality that allows the user to monitor, optimize and control electrical systems with the cloud-based Azure system, which is the core of the ABB Ability ™ concept.

The Emax 2 open circuit breaker is the smart center of low-voltage power distribution systems by managing power and data streams → 1.

ABB Ability ™ EDCS is a cloud-based platform for electrical systems designed to:

• Monitoring: Determines plant performance, supervises the electrical system and instantly accesses the most important information

• Optimization: Collects data from each device, analyzes and provides output for new business decisions

• Control: Creates reports and alerts; implement an effective power management strategy remotely.

ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System is a cloud-based platform designed to monitor, optimize and control electrical systems:

Offering high scalability and excellent application flexibility, ABB Ability ™ EDCS is suitable for small to medium-sized industry, building and public utility applications. Designed for end users, facility managers, consultants and dashboard manufacturers.

ABB Ability ™ EDCS also provides multi-site level access to monitor and compare the performance of different plants. In addition, it allows user profiles to be determined based on the level of access required.

These features allow the user to stay current with instant system performance and to perform efficiency analysis and controls without on-site evaluations. Real-time data and historical trends can be accessed at single and multi-site level.

ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System is suitable for small to medium industry, building and public installation applications.

Thus, performances can be compared and benchmarks can be created. As a maintenance technician can manage multiple sites and continuously diagnose devices in the ABB Ability ™ EDCS electrical system, maintenance can only be done if it is really necessary. A higher level of predictive maintenance improves operations and reduces costs.

Furthermore, the integration of ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System into more complex inspection and automation systems simplifies operations and reduces costs. With the ability to manage the power distribution of ABB Ability ™ EDCS, it is possible to reduce the total cost of a building management system and the installation time by% 15.

For users, perhaps the greatest value of ABB's Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System is that it can simplify energy and asset management processes and operations in its facilities. ABB Ability ™ EDCS is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible.

ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System

Italian public water company Consorzio di Bonifica Veronese

The first pilot installation of ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System was realized with Consorzio di Bonifica Veronese, an Italian public water company. ABB Ability ™ EDCS provided the customer with remote control and alerts, which reduced time and costs spent traveling between different sites. It also allowed proactive and rapid intervention to restore normal operating conditions, prevent breakdowns, maintain and reduce downtime. These measures helped the customer save 40% on maintenance time and 30% on operating costs. The likelihood of penalties due to poor electrical quality - an always present risk in an industry with variable-loaded water pumps - has been greatly reduced.

In addition, the availability of this data has made the customer eligible for 25.000 $ energy efficiency documentation, without the time and expense of independent external auditors. The customer has decided to use this solution in many other water distribution facilities.

ABB energizes the largest solar roofs in Dubai

Another field application of ABB Ability ™ Electrical Distribution Control System is located in one of the largest private solar roofs in the Gulf region of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The 315kW roof type solar project is located at Al Quoz, ABB. The electricity generated from the solar roof will first be used to supply energy to the ABB office and the surplus energy will be transmitted to the public grid system.

ABB Ability ™ EDCS connects the ABB solar roof to IIoT to form a digital profile of the photovoltaic installation and continually analyzes the energy quality and at the same time monitors the energy production and consumption trends of the site. Continuous identification of the solar roof helps to maximize the efficiency of the asset and to make maintenance more effective and intelligent.

  • Scalability is the ability of a device or system to respond to increasing demands without causing loss of performance.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a pioneering technology leader that provides global services to customers in the public, industry, transportation and infrastructure sectors in the fields of electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power networks. Continuing its tradition of innovation for more than 130 years, ABB writes today that the future of digitalization in the industry with two prominent value proposals: bringing electricity from any power plant to any outlet and automating industries from natural resources to the finished product. The name partner of Formula E, a fully electric international FIA motorsport class, ABB pushes the limits of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with approximately 135,000 employees.



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