10We hosted World High Speed ​​Railroad Congress

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınRaillife magazine's June issue N We hosted the 10 World High Speed ​​Railroad Congress ife was published.


2003 has been invested by 2003 since 23,5 since XNUMX.

The top of these investments comes from high-speed and fast train projects.

To date, 1.213 million passengers traveled on the 40 km High Speed ​​Railway lines.

Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Izmir High-speed rail lines are under construction, while high-speed rail works continue to carry both freight and passengers.

The positive and rapid developments in the railway sector in our country in recent years have greatly appreciated our people. kazanIt is followed with interest by the world public opinion and railway organizations.

In accordance with the developments in the world, the International Railways Association (UIC), which develops cooperation among its members and whose activities are related to the development of railway transportation, is becoming more and more important.

The fact that I was elected as UIC Vice President of the world's largest organization in the field of railways with the 5 member on the 195 continent is the international reflection of TCDD's shining star.

The uıc'n held in Turkey for the first time in this region have made World High Speed ​​Rail Congress and xnumx'uncu TCDD as host of the show.

With the participation of our Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Arslan, 10 brings together the decision makers and key actors who are responsible for preparing the railways of today and tomorrow. The World High Speed ​​Railway Congress and Fair 30 was held with 150 speakers from different countries.

As Turkey and TCDD, we are pleased to host the Congress which brings together all stakeholders in the field of high speed and welcome our guests.

We will continue to share our opportunities and capabilities with other countries and cooperate.

Have a nice trip İyi

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