Kocaoglu: lı We are challenging the 250 Mileage in the Rail System Koca

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his speech at the ceremony of X special production for Izmir “buses, said ler We are forcing 250 kilometers in the rail system İzmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor reminded that the railway system network is actually working on the 179 kilometer line. I On Saturday evening, we laid the foundation of Narlidere's 7,2 km. The cost of infringement 1 billion pounds… Buca Metro project is over; In Ankara, after the approval of the Ministry of Development, we will go on the construction tender. We continue the credit negotiations; well it goes well. We have no problem finding credit. If we add the 13,5-kilometer Buca metro, we will find the 200 mileage in the rail system. We will make a joint venture with TCDD. Today, we have the potential to carry the daily 52 thousand passengers if we can run İZBAN properly. But before that, TCDD must solve the signaling problem. If this happens, we will have the pleasure of being the first city to carry more than 350 more than the passengers with the rail system Bu.

Speaking about the lack of signaling on İZBAN, the Chairman Kocaoğlu continued his words as follows: ın There is no signalization in İZBAN. They say there is but no! We don't work long distances, we can't train trains. Suburban trains should be transferred to İZBAN in Menemen and Torbalı. We have explained that we can easily carry those trains without getting them into the city, but unfortunately we could not take a step. A very important investment was made here. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made great. why such an investment is not used efficiently? Why isn't the answer given when you're asked? I leave this at the discretion of our fellow citizens of İzmir. Bunu

Stating that they will reach a total of 70 kilometers by the end of this year, the 250 will be in construction, and he said, ve 70 or 80 were transported on the day when we took office. We needed an 800 bus to carry these passengers. Think of how much of the city's savings are saved by the amount of carbon emissions. We are opening new ways, we are moving to a new model in transportation, we provide local development model in the model of Izmir in Turkey. We established a system that everyone is satisfied with a hundred percent compromise with urban transformation. We tried very hard, we tried; Today, every municipality that will make urban transformation takes the İzmir model as its model. Turkey Izmir is growing smaller and smaller, "he said. Mayor Kocaoglu completed his speech with the phrase ”Let it be everywhere like İzmir Başkan.

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