War Head Found in Turkey's Fastest Ship in hadon Review

Mayor of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Lutfi War, recently brought to Mersin, Hatay, Cyprus and prepared to Beirut time, Turkey's fastest ship in hadon investigations found.

President Savaş made important statements on the first sea bus of Hatay and said: “We take our fruits as a result of important projects. We live with dignity and joy. We are very happy to have provided this service after a great leniency. The days when everyone was waiting with hope would start soon. Our first sea bus 4 came to Iskenderun Port the day before. On this beautiful day we came together live to live with this honor. 7 our town will meet the sea in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Mersin, Cyprus and Beirut will meet us with our ship. We were saying that Hatay was going to gain a great deal of profit from this meeting and we were a candidate to be the locomotive city of our region in terms of tourism and trade. This will be crowned with nomination. In a short period of time such as a month, we can do many expeditions together and as the number of passengers increases, we will enter a very important process to be won by Hatay and this region birçok.


. We have taken the first steps in a healthy way and we continue to move forward with firm steps towards the goal. We shouldn't have a fate. We want Hatay to be peaceful in the shadow of 7 annual war and then we want to skip class both economically and commercially. We have served our citizens as opinion leaders in this class jumping process. For many years, many civilizations have been hosted and 7 district of the seaside, but the Mediterranean sea for many years, commercial and tourism can not benefit from the enjoyment of the Hatay makus will defeat. We took very important steps for this. Hatay Turkey will win before then. We just sent the Turkish Flag to the ship of our ship, even if it was representative. After that, we will proudly flock with the glorious Turkish Flag in the entire Mediterranean. You can go to the city center from İskenderun to Mersin Marina in 2 hours. Students in Cyprus can easily go to Cyprus said.

Following the withdrawal of the Turkish flag as a sender, President Savaş and his wife Prof. Dr. Nazan Savaş visited the sections of the ship and took photographs of the ship within the ship which will provide a unique contribution to the tourism and trade of Hatay.



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