Foundation of Yozgat Airport

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, artarak In the last 16 year, international passenger traffic has increased by 8,4 by 233 on average annually. In addition, passenger traffic increased by 12 on average annually as a percentage of the total aircraft traffic in the 9 increase has been achieved.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ'ın attended the iler Yozgat Airport Groundbreaking Ceremony ğ speaking Arslan, the country's aviation industry, such a number of important developments in Yozgat also rightfully expect citizens to meet the expectation of the airport, Yozgatlıların someone just talking, someone produces business too said he knew well.

Arslan said, gat vira bismillah lan was the basis of Yozgat Airport. H We do not do this work only in Yozgat. I hope that we will lay the foundation for the new terminal of the airport in Gaziantep. We will also start the process by visiting the superstructure construction of Çukurova Airport. In the 13 of the month, we will also lay the foundation of Bayburt-Gümüşhane Airport with the participation of our Prime Minister. We are not satisfied with this, the tender processes of Karaman Airport continue. We said that the airline would be the way of the people and thanks to the satisfaction of the fact that the AK Party governments fulfilled the other promises, we made the way of the people with the satisfaction of fulfilling this promise. Now we are riveting it with new airlines. Şimdi

For years, forgotten, deprived of service in the beautiful land of this country to be able to create more habitable residence where people continue to live in the place where they emphasize that many projects continued Minister Arslan, people continue their hopes, their dreams as well as 15 years, both sprouting and animating said.

Yozgat is preparing to meet the high-speed train transfer Arslan, as they had targeted this time next year, the test process and high-speed train to meet Yozgatlıların said.

Referring to the work they have done so far about the airline Minister Arslan, said:

Var We have very serious increases in the number of aircraft and passenger traffic every year. I would like to express this with satisfaction. In the last 16 year, international passenger traffic increased by 8,4 on average annually and increased by 233. In addition, passenger traffic increased by 12 on average every year, as well as the increase in total aircraft traffic 9 increase has been achieved. 2003 55 million passenger capacity terminals in this figure today, while 258 million. Distinguished Yozgatlılar, 26 active airport 55'ya have brought. We are not satisfied with this, the regional airport continues in Çukurova. We are continuing the second airport on the sea in Rize-Artvin. We make a new airport in Tokat. Here we are. We are launching Bayburt-Gümüşhane. We are launching Karaman, a second airport in Izmir, Alaçatı. It is not enough, we are launching a second airport in Antalya. Why, because we have goals as our country. We have 2023, 2053 targets. There is no stopping to catch up on these, we keep on going. İşte

Sen This year's record year “

Last 16 year in both public and public relations in the terminal building construction and expansion work of the 33 airport, reminiscent of the construction of the Arslan, many airports, aprons, rust fields, renewed, some airports renewed the second runway said.

So far, the 77 runway both renovations and repair work that they emphasize Arslan, said:

U 2002 was able to fly from this country to 60. 2017 was finally flying to 296. As of today, 307 is flying around the world. Hopefully, when Yozgat Airport is finished, this figure will surely increase with Yozgat's flights to abroad. In 2002 we served 35 million passengers in domestic and international flights, and last year we served 194 million passengers. This is the record year. In the first 4 month of the year, the number of trips increased by 20. The world's 10-15 catches in a year we're catching the increase. Our target is to serve at least 225 million passengers at the end of this year. By Allah's leave we will achieve this. Because this will, we are in the AK Party government, our president, Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the last year, passenger numbers increased by two places in the world 9. We're in line. 4 with a step up in Europe. We're in line. Here is our constantly growing, constantly evolving aviation sector I hope to grow and further develop with Yozgat Airport. This airport is built to serve both domestic and international flights. Yozgat Airport project is full 250 million Turkish Liras. I hope that the aesthetic and original architecture of Yozgat with an airport terminal will be brought to you. Thus, we will bring the values ​​of Yozgat to the world and bring the world together with the values ​​of Yozgat. Böylece

Yozgat's last 16 years of continuous development and change stating that the Minister Arslan, said the services and projects.


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