The Big Breakthrough in the 8 Sector

The government has rolled up its sleeves to revive the vital 8 sector. In this direction, 43 will support critical product. 8 sector 3 million business will open the gate

The government pushed the button for 8 giant leaps in 10 sectors, while rapidly implementing reforms that relieved the hand of all segments. While support for 130 critical products that make up 43 billion dollars of intermediate goods imports in the manufacturing industry, "model factories" will be established in the industrial regions. 3 million jobs will be created as Mega Industrial Zones open up investments. New decisions regarding manufacturing, informatics, transportation, medicine, automotive, technology design and defense sector are being implemented. With the new projects and investments to be made for these sectors, 3 million new jobs will be created. The headlines that draw attention in the report prepared by the AK Party are as follows:

MODEL FACTORIES: Model factories and design digital transformation centers will be established in industrial areas. Investments will be financed. The manufacturing industry will focus on 130 of nearly 3 products that make up $ 43 billion of intermediate goods imports. Incentives will be provided for these products.

INDUSTRIAL ZONES: Large-scale investments will be paved with the “mega industry regions” to be established. 6 new regions will be added to the 15 industrial zones today.

SUPPORT FOR PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR: The production structure, which can produce high value-added products in the pharmaceutical and medical device, to the global markets, and which can meet most of the domestic need, will be established. Domestic production of plasma products and vaccines will be realized.

NATIONAL RAIL SYSTEM: Design, development, testing and certification of rail systems with national facilities, mass production process will be accelerated.

INVESTMENT IN ADDITION VALUE: An industrial structure with companies producing high value-added goods will be created. The number of machines talking to each other will be increased from 4.5 million to 8 million. More than 100 coaster ships will be produced and renewed with national facilities and will be renewed.

“Automotive Test Center” will be established. Bursa Yenişehir to be established by test centers will contribute to the development of Turkey's automotive industry. To accelerate the transformation of SMEs, the first of the digital transformation centers will be established in Bilişim Vadisi.

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