KARDEMİR Personnel Recruitment

KARDEMİR A.Ş. issued a statement on the way in which people who would like to get a job for recruitment would follow.

Here is the statement signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ömer Faruk Öz;

We have announced to the public that we have started negotiations with the Karabük İŞKUR Provincial Directorate for the employment of the personnel we need together with our new investments.

We have started interviews in coordination with İŞKUR. The interview process will continue to be carried out in a transparent and objective manner by a delegation with wide participation over the next few weeks. However, when we look at the list of candidates to be interviewed, we saw that the number of candidates was lower than we expected. Our aim is to ensure that the right employee is employed in the right position. To accomplish this goal, as many as possible from the youth of our city should be taken into consideration. We would like to announce to the people of Karabük once again that we are waiting for the applications of the young people of our city who have graduated from vocational high schools or vocational schools of higher education, who have graduated from vocational high schools or who are unemployed and who are unemployed after 35 May 31.

Apart from the work we did with İŞKUR, we found that many of the candidates who applied directly to our company did not have ISKUR records and some of them did not update their İŞKUR records. Kardemir, who contributed to the growth and development of the business, business, bread owner to hear the excitement of our friends first of these records to İŞKUR'e records or updates, and also to our company I www.kardemir.co It is important for them to be evaluated through web address. Thus, while our candidates will have the opportunity to express themselves better, our company will have the opportunity to conduct a more comprehensive interview.

I wish success to my young friends who believe in strengthening the power of our company.

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