Varsak-Otogar Rail Line will be completed by December

Kepez District Namık Kemal Boulevard, Mehmet Akif Street, Mithatpaşa Street met with tradesmen President Menderes Türel, good luck conveyed your wishes. Listening to the problems of tradesmen, President Turel, who received the demands and suggestions about services, told about the projects made in the Kepez region. Welcomed by the warm interest of tradesmen and citizens, President Türel visited a workplace where he cooked lavash bread in a stone oven and offered them to the craftsmen.

700 is the biggest project of Antalya with an investment value of approx. Starting the construction of the Stage Rail System Line Türel said that most of the line passed through Kepez. Mayor Türel, the giant project, starting from Varsak, Sakarya Boulevard, Bus Station, University, Meltem and Education and Research Hospital will meet the rail system line here with the nostalgia tram will connect the other lines will create a total ring of 3 kilometers.

Circulation will increase trades will also benefit

Türel stated that they aim to complete Varsak-Otogar by December and said, uz We continue to bring Kepez to the most modern public transportation system. During my first presidency, we built the first stage rail system line of Kepezaltı-Meydan. As soon as he returned to office, we completed the Meydan-Aksu line in record time. Now 3 between Varsak and Zerdalism. We started building the stage. All these lines will be connected..

  1. Pointing out that the Etap Rail System Project will increase human circulation to the city center, Türel said, “Kepez residents will reach every point of Antalya with the most modern means of transportation. When you get on the rail system from Varsak, you will be able to come to Kalekapısı very easily. This circulation will also help tradesmen. On the other hand, neighborhoods on the route will gain significant value. ”

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