Transformation in Transportation in Muğla Reached 96 Percent

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality's award-winning 'Transformation in Transportation' project in Muğla, smiling face of citizens and tradesmen in transportation services.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which started the transformation of vehicles into a private public bus for the public transportation system managed with a more comfortable, economical and public service oriented corporate understanding, reached a percentage of 2015 throughout the province within the scope of Transformation Transformation project.

State-of-the-art vehicles with disabled ramps, air-conditioning, camera recording system, and environmentally friendly engines kazanWhile the quality of transportation increases, citizens over the age of 65, disabled, relatives of martyrs, veterans and other citizens who have the right to free travel can easily benefit from the new lines that have turned into private public buses.


The Transportation Transformation Project, initiated by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of organizing transportation services in a human-oriented and environmentally sensitive manner and providing quality and reliable service, was the first prize at the Transist Transportation Congress, one of the world's leading transportation congresses. kazanwas.

The project, which takes the first place because it includes innovations that make life easier for the city life, has a positive effect on the city economy, contributes to the establishment of an environmentally friendly transportation system and includes innovation, is taken as a model by many metropolitan municipalities.

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gurun, since the day they were established in many services in Muğla, citizens will facilitate the lives, aesthetics and value added services to continue to work, he said.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gurun; “The fact that our people make the best use of transportation services, and our chauffeur shopkeepers also make their living from this sector. kazancost is needed. With our transportation transformation service, we aim to provide services to our citizens with modern, environmentally friendly, disabled ramps and safe vehicles, and at the same time, we ensure that our citizens, who are legally entitled to free travel, benefit from these rights. As we started the Transformation in Transportation, we took the ideas of our chauffeur tradesmen and cooperatives and acted together and implemented the project. This is one of the biggest reasons for our success. This understanding of service suits Muğla very well. We are also happy that our shopkeepers and passengers are satisfied with this situation while serving our people in a certain discipline and a certain rule in Muğla. We will continue to serve with love, tolerance and smile by trying to understand each other in unity and solidarity.” said.

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