100 Meter Solution to Station Street in Etimesgut

68 family living in the buildings that will be demolished within the scope of the expansion of the Istasyon Street will be moved to their new homes to be built on the empty land of 100 meters by the Metropolitan.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started expropriation works for the destruction of the 5 building in the region within the scope of expansion of the Istasyon Street in Etimesgut. 5 68 living in the building eligible for 60 73 thousand square meters apartment, finding the expropriation value determined as low 200 227 thousand square meters for failing to accept this offer again asked for an apartment from Sincan. The Metropolitan Municipality will buy the land near the 100 meters of the buildings to be demolished and give the right owners the apartment from here.

1444 with the Station Quarter 1448 received for rights holders. The development plan of the area between the streets was prepared and suspended. The objections to the plan will be adopted until June 7. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 3 departure, the most part of the new road project 4 development Etimesgut Sugar Factory and TCDD train lines affect the factory due to the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration and TCDD asked the opinion of the General Directorate. TCDD, the Privatization Administration stated that it is appropriate to road projects in the path of the upper and lower structural elements likewise affected by the project had asked the municipality renewal.

Source: AYKUT GÖREN - www.sabah.com.t is

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