The foundation of the city hospital tram line was laid in Eskişehir

Eskişehir city center tram line laid foundation
Eskişehir city center tram line laid foundation

The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the electrical energy production facility from the previous day with a magnificent ceremony, was also the City Hospital and 75 yesterday. Year and Sultandere neighborhoods will go to the construction of the tram line began.

One of the biggest investments of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is the Tram Project, 6. Construction of the stage lines began. The trolley line, which was laid yesterday, was taken to the City Hospital from Emek-71 Evler and then to Sultandere and 5,2 with the continuation of the 75 kilometer from the City Hospital. The year will reach the neighborhoods.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen said,, You are now used to the ground-breaking ceremonies for tram lines. But at the very beginning of my words, this groundbreaking ceremony is neither the first nor the final. In the coming days we will meet again at the groundbreaking ceremonies of our new lines. This line, which we will now base, is the first section of the 71 kilometer going to the City Hospital from the Emek-3 Evler Tram Line. This line is Sultandere and 5,2 with the continuation line 75 from City Hospital. Year to reach our neighborhoods. In this way, an important service will be made about the access of our people to the City Hospital. Also, 75 with Sultandere Neighborhood. Year Quarter will also have a tram. Yıl

Büyükerşen, X The first two stages of our tram project 9 May 2002 began on. The record was completed in a recordable time and the 24 was launched on December 2004. The 6 month of this period was carried out due to the blocking made with political considerations.

This line, which includes the first two stages with a total of 16,5 kilometers, was the backbone of our tram project, which we aim to reach every point of the city in time. It is possible to reach hospitals, universities, many public institutions and the center of the city with this route. When the first two stages were completed, we started to serve by 18 tram.

Eskişehirlılar you, the tram in a very short time so much that you loved and owned, you have made a constant request to make new lines. After the first two stages, we quickly started to work on new lines. It was only possible in 3 for a number of political reasons that we started the project that covered the 2012 stage. In the meantime, our 18 trolley fleet has been brought to 33.

30 May 2014 entered into service on the date of Camlica-Batıkent, Çankaya-Yenikent and Labor-71 Evler lines thanks to our 22 neighborhood has become more use of the tram. With our new lines of 25.2 kilometers, we have reached a line length of 41,7 kilometers in total.

Of course, our citizens in other neighborhoods also wanted the tram to come to their neighborhoods.

However, the cost of building tram lines is extremely high. Therefore, it is not easy to put into practice or start new lines in a short time. Moreover, since the government did not make the lines that we made to some cities through our Ministry, we do it with our own means as Metropolitan Municipality.

This line we established today is the first line of the project we call the 6 stage. After this line, we will start to build a new line that will connect the Çarşı and Kumlubel District. We will lay the foundation of that line in the coming days. The Kumlubel line will also be the starting point for the tram to reach the neighborhoods north of the Ring Road, such as Esentepe, Sütlüce and Yeşiltepe.

When the works are completed, our total line length will reach 61,1 kilometers. 14, which we have purchased and started to arrive, will have reached our new vehicle number 47 in our tram fleet together with the new tram. Alım

. I don't say anything to create a political debate, but I want to tell you what I think is useful to know, g said Büyükerşen. Bil Büyükerşen continued his speech by saying, dü There is some criticism that we are late in the construction of the tram line going to the City Hospital. I want you to know that this delay is due to the Ministry of Transportation, which should be approved by the Tramway Project, not as we, as the Metropolitan Municipality. In other words, it is not the Metropolitan Municipality responsible for this delay. Although the opening of the City Hospital will take place in the coming days, I do not think that this will be a very important problem, given that it cannot be accepted for a while.

You know, I don't like promising, imagining imaginary projects, imagining imaginary projects.

Unless the project I have prepared is completed in all respects, I do not explain both the project phase and the credit and resources to provide financing until it is finalized.

For this reason, you are coming to your ear, some people say kal Hoca'nın project left bazı such as the type of things are said, written and drawn. I'm sure these are efforts to wear me down.

However, we have more projects to do. Yesterday we opened our large power generation facility, which will generate electricity from garbage and meet the electricity needs of 55 thousand houses. Today, we are laying the foundation of our new tram line. All of our big investments will not be limited to these. In the coming period, we will transfer many more projects to Eskişehir. kazanWe will have done it and put it at your service.

I'm not going to decide whether I'm doing something for Eskişehir or not. Therefore, I do not care much about what is said and what is being written. What is important to me, Eskişehir citizens, what you think, what you say. I listen to your thoughts, what you say, not to them, I care.

If you listen to what I say, I would be pleased if you believe in what I said. Eğer

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