Bursa Automotive Industry Ready for EU

Undersecretaries of the economy of the European Union member countries who came to Bursa for investigations about the automotive industry came together at a meeting hosted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bursa EU Information Center, which operates within the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted a meeting on 'EU Integration of the Turkish Automotive Industry, Opportunities in the Automotive Industry and Future Scenarios'. BTSO Board Member İbrahim Gülmez, BTSO Deputy Chairman Murat Bayizit, Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB) President Baran Çelik, as well as the Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) and the Association of Vehicles Supply Industrialists. (TAYSAD) officials attended.


The opening speech of the meeting, BTSO Deputy Chairman Murat Bayizit, Bursa 50 years of production experience in the Turkish automotive industry has added great power, he said. Bayizit noted that the fast development of the Bursa automotive industry, which has a modern, quality-oriented and international competitiveness, has been continuing, and drew attention to the fact that many international brands have investments in Bursa.


Bursa stated that the said investments contributed significantly to the identity of the exporter Bayizit automotive industry, "Bursa, Turkey is also an important export city in addition to being production base in the automotive industry. Automotive industry, which has been the biggest sector of Bursa in the field of export for many years, has made a significant record with 2017 billion dollars export in 9. The automotive sector will continue to undermine our exports in the coming period with the works of our chamber. In


Force of the Customs Union and Turkey's EU candidacy, Turkish automotive industry JIM Bar President Referring to the developments that led to Steel, "our industry works within the scope of EU harmonization has come a considerable distance. With the adoption of EU product and environmental standards, many of our companies have achieved world-class qualification levels by obtaining quality system certificates in compliance with EU legislation. The Turkish automotive industry is at a very advanced stage in the fields of technology and international certification. Türk


The automotive sector of Turkey's largest export sector the President noted that the position is located in the steel industry's 2017 years 18% of Turkey's total exports, he noted, alone. Is the most important export market for the Turkish automotive industry, the EU noted that the President of Steel, "Turkey 2017 million motor vehicles produced in the year 1.7 80% of the production figures and have been exported to the world. In this period, exports to EU countries accounted for% 77 of our total automotive exports. This data is very important in terms of showing the technology level of our sector. Bu Stating that Bursa is one of the worldwide centers of the automotive industry, Çelik added that they will continue to work for the development of the sector.

Following the opening speeches, OSD Secretary-General Osman Sever and TAYSAD General Coordinator Süheyl Baybalı ended the meeting after the question and answer session with the presentations about the Turkish automotive industry.

On the other hand, the undersecretaries of the EU economy will visit some automotive industry and automotive supplier companies on the second day of their visit to Bursa.

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