All Domestic Production 375 Bus Participated in IETT Fleet

Speaking at the reception ceremony for the IETT fleet of all domestic production 375 bus, President Uysal said, civar In the past, the average age of the buses in the IETT fleet was around 15, and with this new purchase, our average age fell to 6 levels. The new buses have Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to the Internet and USB ports to charge your mobile phones. Yeni

Ethem Sancak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Küçükçekmece Temel Karadeniz, BMC (local producer where buses are purchased), along with İBB bureaucrats, drivers of 375 buses to İETT fleet at İETT İkitelli Garage. She attended.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, President Uysal emphasized that IETT fulfilled a very important task in Istanbul in terms of transportation. Ord IETT was interested in the coordination of the vehicles of Private Public Buses and OTOBÜS A.Ş. started. IETT also carries out the coordination task of where and how our citizens will reach other transportation vehicles görev.

-We have reduced our age
IETT every year last year in the name of increasing the quality of comfort and quality of buses carried out significant efforts to keep the fleet young to make purchases at intervals Uysal said: yükseltme IETT has a total of 3 thousand vehicles. We are adding another 375 bus to our fleet. 181 will even serve. The demands of our new buses, the demands of my district trips, the demands of our citizens who are looking for 153 and the demands of our citizens who call the IETT directly will be analyzed and distributed accordingly. All of our citizens in Istanbul will be traveling with new vehicles during Eid al-Fitr. While the average age of our buses in the IETT fleet was around 15, with this new purchase, our average age dropped to 6 levels. Hopefully we will continue this. In the private sector, we have to be better than vehicle comfort. We are public and we have to lead the private sector. When we look at the world, there are points that we have been before. Dün

Speaking of the technical features of new vehicles, President Uysal said, de These buses will only be on the airplanes at the karakutu teknik. In These vehicles also have screens that tell the route of the vehicles,. Said President Uysal. We can see when our passengers can reach which stop. Passengers waiting at the station can follow the information on the screen of the bus, how many minutes after the bus. IETT's own engineers do all of this. All of the vehicles have Wi-Fi connection to connect to internet and USB ports to charge mobile phones. All our vehicles allow disabled access. On the other hand, we have made all of our current IETT buses accessible to disabled citizens. Diğer

Underlining that IETT has added the most comfortable vehicles to its fleet and that all of these vehicles are domestic production, President Uysal said that they expect domestic producers as follows: bu We are aware that we should support our domestic industry as public. As of today, we are getting the most comfortable, best bus. But as of tomorrow we will get the most comfortable vehicle in the world. Air conditioners in buses are standard. What is important is the operation of air conditioners according to the number of passengers. So you can do air conditioning. That preparation-our local producers already do. We will support you, and you will make us the most comfortable vehicles for comfort in the world. This is our request. In this regard, we had a request from our domestic producers regarding the machines that İSKİ received. We tell them what we told our bus company. As of today, our business is not seen, in the coming years to meet our requests should be at the level that our support, these purchases should continue. Bugün

-We're not breaking down the tools
President Uysal recalled that while renewing the IETT vehicles, they did not scrape the old vehicles, sent them to the sister cities that had been needed by renovations, and said ık We have sent to many countries and sister municipalities in Africa by renewing our vehicles. We sent it to the Middle East. Lastly, we sent 60 vehicles to the Balkans. While we are renewing our fleet, we also send our old vehicles to our brothers who need it. Biz

After President Uysal'a speech, BMC Chairman Ethem Sancak gave a bus model.

President Uysal then took one of the buses taken into service and examined the bus closely in the driver's seat posed for the members of the press.

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