3rd Airport and Canal Istanbul Hit Yeniköy

The 2 airport, where more than one million 3 trees were cut for construction, left Yeniköy breathless.

Thracian nature of Istanbul, the President himself Erdogan's mouth, "We have betrayed this city, we are still betrayed," he became the confession of the words. The ongoing 3 airport and the Channel Istanbul project, which is currently in the project phase, continue to destroy the northern breath of the city's only source of breath. Kanal Istanbul, which will start from Küçükçekmece Lake and reach to the Black Sea from Arnavutköy, will leave the Marmara Sea, which has very little oxygen at its bottom, without oxygen. Also, many dams, including Terkos, which meets the drinking water of Istanbul, will either disappear or be faced with the loss of drinking water feature.


The 2 project, which cuts more than a million trees, also leaves negative ecological impacts on birds' migration routes and the flora and fauna of the region. We visited the villages of Eyüp and Arnavutköy to see the destruction of the 3 airport and the destruction of the Canal Istanbul project. Our first stop is the Göktürk neighborhood of Eyüp. While the airport is about 20 kilometers from the construction site and from the Göktürk forests, the forests are replaced by bare forests. Dust clouds dominate the terrain where hundreds of excavation trucks, dozers and construction equipment work for airport connection roads.


With those who live in front of the coffee house in Yeniköy District, which is closed due to Ramadan sohbet we do. “Our neighborhood used to be quiet. There was peace. Now, as you can see, we are unable to sleep even at night due to dust clouds and noise. The place where the Kanal Istanbul project connects to the Black Sea is passing through the bottom of this neighborhood. Thousands of acres of land have been expropriated due to both Kanal Istanbul and the airport. The inhabitants of the neighborhood state that they learned from the money deposited in their accounts that their lands were expropriated without their knowledge.


One of these citizens, Bora Uncle said that he had applied to the court for the victimization he suffered but he had not received any results. He said that they were doing farming in their neighborhood but could not do anything after their land was taken away. Lar No green land left to graze animals. What am I going to do next, and what kind of a future will I have for myself and my children? Since the 3 airport was built, these buildings have been damaged. When the construction of the airport began, we had the 110 head animal. Not now. Soon we will be removed from the livestock sector. With the construction of the airport, our land was taken from us and agriculture ended here. If the channel is made in Istanbul, livestock ends completely Kanal.

Source : www.evrensel.net

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 22:10

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