İETT petroleum fuel needs from Turkey

Turkish Petroleum awarded the tender to meet the fuel needs of IETT's metrobuses and buses. kazanwas.

In the tender opened by IETT for the fuel needs of its fleet of 535 thousand 2 vehicles, 756 of which are metrobus and 3 thousand 291 of them are city buses. kazanThe moment was Turkish Petroleum.

Speaking on cooperation Director General of contemporary Turkey Petroleum Demirağ "As an institution that holds the IETT all Istanbul's public transportation We are very proud that they choose us. IETT vehicles need maximum performance and quality to provide superior service. Petroleum Turkey for a year as we also İETT to our high quality products and superior service will provide fuel our understanding. With our experience and experience in the sector, we believe that we will provide IETT the service it needs. We hope that such cooperation will continue increasingly. ”


Turkey Petroleum result in actual cooperation, which will serve only to IETT 24 hours and a new tanker fleet vehicle tracking system is founded monitored with cameras. In addition, the personnel working in the IETT garages were also given trainings on occupational safety and what should be considered in tanker evacuation. IETT garage for 7 days, for a continuous way, the shipment of fuel from the European side of Turkey Petroleum Ambarlı facility for 24 hours, while for the Anatolian Side is carried out from Turquoise Yarımca facilities. Turkey is scheduled to make IETT about 100 million liters of petroleum a year for diesel vehicles refuel.


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