Tomorrow's Lighting Technologies 11. IstanbulLight Fair

11, organized with the strategic partnership of UBM, AGID and ATMK. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress brings together all the stakeholders of the sector at 19-22 September in Istanbul Expo Center.

11, organized by UBM, the world's leading exhibition organizer, is organized by the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGID) and Turkish National Committee for Lighting (ATMK). IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress will be held at 19-22 September 2018 at Istanbul Expo Center. Turkey, as well as the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the CIS countries prepared to welcome industry professionals from more than 8000 ıstanbullight Fair is hosting the latest products and technology on the company's xnumx'n.

This year, IstanbulLight aims to host the exhibitor profile consisting of Technical Lighting Luminaire Manufacturers, Decorative Lighting Luminaire Manufacturers, Lamp Producers, Enlightenment Component Manufacturers, Lighting Design Offices, Electrical Equipment and Lighting Control Equipment Manufacturers, with innovations and new products. Public and private sector investors, project offices, architectural offices, electrical project offices, lighting design offices, construction contractors, electrical project contractors, electricity wholesalers, electrical retailers to recognize developments in the sector, new products, services and companies, to improve business relations IstanbulLight Fair ' is coming together. IstanbulLight is preparing to present a different fair experience with special events such as IstanbulLight Forum, Lighting Design Summit, Reception Delegation Program and Photography Contest.

Due to the growth in the construction sector triggered by the increasing population of our country, significant opportunities arise in the lighting and electricity sector. The growth achieved in the sector is supported by increased public awareness of investments and renewable awareness for energy efficiency. 9 announced by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The Action Plan constitutes one of the most important agenda topics of the sector with the matter of observing energy efficiency in all street lighting.

Direktör 11. UBM EMEA IstanbulLight Brand Director Mehmet Shopanc U IstanbulLight Fair will be held in parallel with the IstanbulLight Forum for four days within the framework of the panel will be held for many panels will be held. We will discuss critical issues such as integration in smart cities, financing support in energy performance contracts and rehabilitation in buildings with national and international experts we will be hosting in these panels. We are very pleased to have this event, which is very valuable for the sector, together with our strategic partners AGİD and ATMK. Sektör

  1. IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit and Pavilion

The first edition of the IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit, organized in 2017, brings together reputable lighting designers and lighting design offices, architects, public and private sector investors, project offices, and construction contracting companies from the country and abroad. It is planned to address the issues such as the better, more beautiful, more aesthetic, more efficient illumination of buildings, squares, monuments, spaces, the role and importance of lighting design in architectural projects by the lighting designers at this summit and to create a horizon with presentations.

AGID President Fahir Gök said, trend The trends in the lighting sector are changing with the developing technology and renewed cities. 11, which holds the pulse of this change and brings all stakeholders together. We are pleased to organize the IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Equipment Fair and Forum together with our strategic partners. Istanbul

Turkey is turning into a global power for the lighting industry

domestic lighting industry located in the lighting field goals turn into a production center for European countries, thanks to the geographical position of Turkey is turning into a regional distribution and logistics center. According to AGID data, our company has exceeded 7 billion dollars in lighting sector which has a growth rate of% 2 per year. The growth in the LED market, which is one of the new generation of lighting technologies, is expected to continue its rapid growth in recent years and to grow by more than 2022 by 25.

Head of ATMK Dr. Serm Onaygil, "the requirements of the lighting industry in Turkey has significant advantages over European and Far East. While developing technology is starting a more productive and 'smart' period for us, we need the ideas of all parties in the sector to be positioned correctly in the global market. This year, together with UBM and AGID, it is exciting for us to present this platform at the IstanbulLight Fair. Bu


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