Long Distance Crisis Uses UBER

News Habertürk'in carried the agenda of the mesafe long-distance crisis in the door “news of the news was great. Taxis and taxi taxi commented by Istanbullulardan. Critics united in the common denominator of ayd This app uses oil to UBER's bread E.

Newspaper Haberturk, 'long-distance crisis in the taxi' headline with the headline criticism of the taxi had moved. To make a short reminder; 3 will be in service in the coming months. taxis will take passengers to the airport, there will be no passengers. Taxis will go back dozens of kilometers from the city center, and that's why a new crisis is at the door.

In other words, taxi drivers from Taksim will take the passenger from Bakirkoy to 40-50 kilometers and they will take the passengers to the new airport.

In the meantime, taxi drivers have an important warning that the UBER debate in recent months with this long-distance problem will be more flare. Namely; Taxis that take passengers to the new airport but cannot take passengers there, an We will not get passengers from the airport, but will receive UBER, this is huge injustice. The rights of taxi drivers need to be protected. Haklar

News Habertürk'dan Esra Bogazliyan, yesterday at work to express all these concerns, the taxi drivers in charge of defending the rights of taxi drivers in Istanbul and asked for his opinion Eyüp Aksu'yu asked. Aksu said, am Taxis will pay the price for the new airport, it is normal for a taxi driver not to take passengers from outside dan.

The news about this 'long-distance crisis', which is likely to be on the agenda shortly after, brought a great deal yesterday. Taxis and taxi passengers from Istanbul commented the comments. The comments are united in the common denominator of yarar This business benefits UBER Yorum. In particular, taxi drivers said they would live in grave grievances and have no authority to protect their rights. Here are some of those comments İşte

I'm a taxi driver and I'm in the system. In other words, I am working with the call system established by IMM, where the performance of the taxi driver is evaluated and there is a scoring system. I'm going back empty, I don't take passengers to the new airport. In this case, my score in iTaksi application drops and exits the system. This issue also frees iTaksi.

I'm a cabbie working at a stop in Beyoglu. I can not take passengers from the airport but UBER will take passengers from there. And where is justice? Taxi drivers are complaining about UBER and the drivers are being victimized with these applications and oil is poured into UBER's bread.

It is good that the outside taxi passengers to the airport if the cost of the passengers will be paid again.

This is not what UBER is encouraging Bu

I'll take 40 miles for 100, but I'll be back. I'm gonna stay in traffic that far. So the fuel consumption will increase. That's when I'm going to. I'm going to take one day to the airport.

President of the Chamber of Tradesmen Chamber of Commerce Eyup Aksu, "the taxi driver from the outside of the airport does not take passengers from the normal, they pay the price," he said. Of course, he says his taxi is working at the airport.


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