Barrier-Free Transportation Mobilization for Disabled People from Kayseri Transportation Inc.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Within the scope of the kapsamında Barrier-Free Access Project engelli organized by the Association of Disabled People of Anatolia and the Disabled Week, the employees of Kayseri Transport Inc. traveled with rail system vehicles with disabled citizens.

Within the scope of the project, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc.'s personnel working in the rail system, bus and parking areas traveled with the rail system vehicles together with the wheelchair passengers. Officers who help disabled citizens get in and out of the rail system explained what they need to do for disabled citizens to travel safely. Ahmet Özkan, Secretary General of the Anatolian Disabled Association, expressed his gratitude to the authorities and noted that the disabled citizens could easily travel by rail system vehicle. Özkan said, “I would like to thank Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. for its works. Unobstructed transportation is the accessibility of our disabled people. Currently, our disabled people can easily get on the tram with their wheelchairs, they can go to their destination. On behalf of our association and our disabled citizens, we thank you for this beautiful awareness study. Disabled Transport Staff of Kayseri Transportation Inc also helps disabled and elderly passengers. We witness this every day. We hope this project will take many years. ” He spoke in the form.

Kayseri Transportation Inc. Rail System Operation Shift Supervisor Mehmet Emin Yıldız, on the other hand, as a rail system operation, is constantly in contact with disabled passengers, and with this activity they have done in the scope of Disabled Week, they put themselves in their shoes, witness their problems and find solutions. expressed that they want to raise awareness for other passengers. Yıldız said, “We wanted to travel with our disabled friends by organizing an event with Anadolu Disabled Association to empathize in the World Disability Week, which is celebrated between May 10-16. We should not forget that we are all candidates for disabilities. It is very important for our passengers to give priority to our disabled citizens. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Our priority has always been unobstructed transportation and customer satisfaction. We will continue in this way, this has been a beginning, and we will continue to work towards our disabled passengers both for awareness raising and their convenient transportation. ” said.

Yıldız, who wants her citizens to behave more sensitive in the area reserved for the disabled in trams, continued his speech as follows: “Each of our rail system vehicles has special areas allocated for our two passengers with disabilities. These areas are special areas allocated for the safe journey of our disabled citizens. We expect our citizens to be sensitive about this issue and ask them not to engage in related fields. We ask our disabled brothers to head to that area to travel safely with their wheelchairs and battery powered vehicles in the area allocated to them. ” He spoke in the form.

Disabled citizens traveling in wheelchairs and rail system vehicle can make their journeys easily with rail system vehicle, Disabled Support Staff is very supportive for them, they have worked quickly in points where they help and the service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality and Transportation Inc. expressed their appreciation to the authorities.


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