İZDENİZ Started Trials in Güzelbahçe

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Foça and Mordoğan launched in the outer gulf after the ship, now began trial flights in Güzelbahçe. Mansion, Karşıyaka and Alsancak connected vessels will work after the permission of the Ministry.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the last year after the start of the Foça and Mordoğan voyages, this year also the ferry service to Güzelbahçe. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has made significant moves in the sea transportation with its fleet equipped with the latest technology ships, will start the Guzelbahce flights to be realized by IZDENIZ following the permission of the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communication.

It looks so beautiful in Guzelbahce
İZDENİZ's preparations for Güzelbahçe flights made the district residents happy. Stating that he was experiencing excitement when he saw that the first ferry approached the pier, Ali Arslan said, “It was an event that Güzelbahçeli waited with curiosity every day. We are very happy. Even seeing the ferry in the port opens up a person. No more getting on the bus after that. We will have a peaceful journey in the sea without going into traffic. He was very nice to Güzelbahçe's calm. How happy to Güzelbahçe. ”

Hande Maytalman expressed his feelings in these words:
“This is something we have been waiting for for a long time. We were constantly hearing that ferry services were about to start. Our eyes are on the road. As someone who commutes to Alsancak every day, it is a type of transportation that will really affect our lives in a very positive way. kazanwe are eating. The Güzelbahçe ferry will take a heavy load of traffic. We will leave our cars and have a more enjoyable, faster and stress-free journey. We were very happy.”

Maritime Vocational High School students Mustafa Oğuzhan Karataş and İlker Özeker were among those who welcomed the "İhsan Alyanak" ferry, which carried out the first trial flight without a passenger, at Güzelbahçe pier.

Guzelbahce flights, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start after completing the necessary permit process from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, have been determined as 7 TL, teacher 6 and student 5 TL. Izmir residents will use the “My Izmir” card for Güzelbahçe flights.

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