Fire Brigade Could Not Enter The Street Because Of The Tramway In Izmir

The road construction in Bostanlı for the tram caused the disaster. The maneuvers of the firing force to enter the street where the fire was inadequate, the flames could be interrupted.

The tram line, which was frequently criticized by the public, was invited to the disaster in Bostanlı, because the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality affected traffic negatively during the construction phase. The tramway, which was not well planned during the construction phase, caused an almost ash house in Bostanlı. The firefighters who wanted to intervene in the fire in Şehit Cengiz Topel Street in the past days, were mounted on pontoons separating the road from the tram line. The fire truck, which could not maneuver due to the narrow road, could intervene in the fire 20 minutes later. The residents who rebelled against the events reacted by saying, "If anything is bad, neither ambulance nor fire department will be able to come until death."

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On the Martyr Cengiz Topel Street, the iron pontoons placed inside the boulevard prevented the fire truck from maneuvering and turning to prevent the vehicles from entering the tramway. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which did not take into account the emergencies, was responding while planning the tram studies. Arzu Can, one of the residents of the neighborhood who said that we are always living this, said, "I don't know how many of these have happened. Wherever there is a fire on these sides, the fire department always experiences the same event. He tries to turn by maneuvering on the maneuver. This is a waste of time for the fire truck. How does one think about it while taking the tram road, ”he said. İsmet Topçuoğlu, who works in a cafe in Cengiz Topel, said, “Should something have to happen to someone, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality should find a solution to this as soon as possible”.

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