Traffic Safety Training for Special Students

Cemil Meriç, which is located within Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, provides education for disabled students in many areas. 69 students who were trained at the center were given training on enc Traffic Safety İl by the teams of Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Traffic Traffic Inspection. Presentations and animations were made about the duties of traffic police, traffic signs and other traffic issues.

The 69 students who participated in the training were told about the crossing rules, the safe passageways and pedestrian rules to be used when crossing the street. The training also mentioned the rules and courtesy behaviors such as the need to do during the journey with another person, the use of seat belts, the rules of the passenger, not disturbing the driver, not talking loudly in the vehicle.

The education content of Cemil Meriç, which is projected with the logic of individual and family-oriented holistic social support, is a year of training and courses and programs are planned for the employment of eligible students. Students are taken from their homes and left to their homes after training. As the target beneficiary; Individuals with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who are in the 17-35 age range, who are educable or teachable, are identified. After the pre-registration and evaluation in the board, the appropriate student candidates are subject to adaptation process.

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