Number of Cyclists in Izmir to be Determined

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken the bicycle path within the city to 61 and took important steps in the ediy bicycle city ediy with its BISIM project, has now placed çıkar Census Totems İS at certain points for bicycle and pedestrian statistics. Metropolitan, the data will be evaluated in the new projects.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake important projects on the road to becoming a ere bicycle city İzmir. The alar cycling and pedestrian counting totems istatistik established at different points of the city 6 are aimed to collect important statistical information for future studies. 1 where the city is used intensively by cyclists and pedestrians. Cord, 2. Thanks to the totems that were completed and installed in Kordon, Çiğli, Konak, Göztepe and Turan regions, the aim is to encourage the use of bicycles in İzmir.

Data will be collected for new projects
BIMIM, with its 61 kilometer bike path and rental bike system, which has been provided by the Metropolitan Municipality to the city, has become increasingly widespread in Izmir. The Municipality, which works at an intense pace in order to make the bike more environmentally friendly and healthy transportation vehicles with new projects, thanks to the yay cycling and pedestrian counting totems ”, identifies the number of cyclists on bicycles which are dedicated to cyclists, custom-built bicycles and pedestrians. evaluates projects.

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