TKP brought the Gradual Wage and Secret Hike in İZBAN to the Court

The light rail suburban system in Izmir last February was imposed by the distance wage imposed on IZBAN and the exorbitant hike hidden behind this practice for days. 10 thousand signatures collected for the cancellation of the application were delivered to the Metropolitan Municipality. Receiving a negative response from the municipality to the cancellation request, TKP applied to the administrative court for the cancellation of the application.

Izmir was the scene of IZBAN protests last February.

The gradual fee application under the name of "plus money" and the exorbitant hike hidden behind this application, which started on 15 February in the light rail suburban system IZBAN, which connects the north-south line of Izmir and is operated jointly by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. it caused chaos.


Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has collected thousands of signatures in İzmir provincial organization İZBAN stations through February. TKP subscribers, who delivered these signatures to the Metropolitan Municipality on 23 February, asked for the cancellation of the application. TKP provincial organization, which received a negative response from the municipality, brought the unfair practice to the administrative court.

TKP Izmir Provincial Chairman Savaş Sarı, through the lawyer Baris Ozbay Izmir 1. He appealed to the Administrative Court and requested that the execution of the application be stopped.

In the petition of the lawsuit filed for the "cancellation of the new mileage-based pricing and blockage tariff" launched on February 15, 2018, the request for cancellation was based on three reasons:

The public interest was not observed in the proceedings.
The procedure for cancellation is against the principle of magicalism.
The procedure to cancel is contrary to the principle that the public service is objective and equal.


The request for a stay of execution in the petition was expressed as follows:

“As mentioned above, the administrative process requested to be canceled is clearly against the law and law. With the implementation of the administrative process, millions of people have begun to pay the surplus usage fee. It is clear that this situation will cause difficult losses. For this reason, it is obvious that the said administrative procedure causes a serious violation of law, and a decision should be made to stop the execution about the administrative procedure mentioned first and urgently. ”

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