Altınordu Terminal Building Rises to 25 Level

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has reached the% 25 level in the intercity bus terminal construction in Altınordu district. President Enver Yilmaz, the work progressed quickly and as soon as possible to offer a modern terminal building to the service of citizens, he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality is conducting a hectic study for the construction of a new bus station, which is seen as a big need for the old bus station, which is serving in a restricted area in the Altınordu district center, because it cannot meet the intensity experienced. Production of steel structures, which constitute a large part of the work in the terminal construction, continues.


Providing information on the construction of the terminal building, Mr. Yilmaz said, bilgi We are working on the construction of the Altınordu Intercity Bus Terminal. We are now at% 25 level. Reinforced concrete production of the transformer building and entrance hut has been completed. Soil laying was done for landscaping and ground compression was carried out. Steel production, which constitutes a large part of the work continues. We will finish the works in a short time and present a modern terminal building worthy of our Altınordu district to the service of our citizens mal.


President Enver Yılmaz said that the new bus terminal, which will find the 25 million TL, will be the gathering area of ​​the district minibuses that serve the daily transportation needs of the city, not only as an intercity bus station, but veren we will have realized another important service. 22 xNUMX pcs parking lot (city bus), 2 bus parking area (intercity), 3 minibus parking area, 177 pcs parking space, 2 parking lot for cars, 18 parking lot, 32 parking lot parking, 54 pcs peron, 16 cafeteria and 90 pcs shops. otopark


Proje The project that we will carry out will produce an annual estimate of 22 KW electricity with the high-standard solar panels system,, said Yılmaz, who said the terminal was projected on the 2 bin m322.000. In this context, it will be an environmentally friendly building that will produce its own electricity with solar energy system and provide heating and cooling system with heat pump Bu.

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