Gebze-Halkalı Approaching the End of the Railway Line

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Gebze-Halkalı UM Currently the actual level of progress is 78. This month's 20 HalkalıWe will be arriving by train from Kazlıçeşme. After that was electric, signal, final operations will do. Elektrik He said.

Minister Arslan, Gebze, which is currently under construction in IstanbulHalkalı the railway line was found.

Arslan stated that this was an important project for Istanbulites and said, itibar By the end of this year, we will complete our project and open it to service. Currently the actual level of progress is 78. This month's 20 HalkalıWe will be arriving by train from Kazlıçeşme. After that, it was electric, signal, we will do the final process. Our goal is to complete the construction in August, the next 1,5-2 a month to complete the signal system and the end of the year to perform the test process, to be offered to the service.

Arslan pointed out that people were comfortable and satisfied with the comfort of using Marmaray from Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılık Fountain. Halkalısaid they would make it uninterrupted until Gebze.

Gebze-Halkalı Arslan stressed that the railway line will be integrated with other systems on the route, said:

Cek Our passengers will go up and down in Yenikapı on the direction of Levent, and in. 11 can transfer to separate system. High-speed trains departing from Ankara (YHT) can go to Pendik and transfer from there by bus. It won't be that way anymore. YHT from Ankara will go to Haydarpaşa in a continuous manner. Therefore, YHT passengers starting from Gebze HalkalıThey will be able to go down to the main stations and go to all parts of Istanbul using Marmaray trains or other rail systems. Some of the YHTs went as far as Haydarpaşa, and some of them got out of Ankara. HalkalıUninterrupted access to. This is also important and our goal is to be able to serve to 1,5 million people daily with Marmaray Project. A very important corridor for Istanbul on the east-west axis. An important corridor due to its integration with other rail systems on the north-south axis. It is a project that we care about to make life easier for Istanbulites. İstanbul

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