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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the second stage of Narlıdere-Sahilevleri Coastal Project, which was completed in December. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu asked the people of İzmir to sign for the party's leadership in 4.

With the ere İzmir Deniz-Sahil Design Project de, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the second stage of coastal landscaping at Narlıdere Beach Houses. In addition to the more effective use of the coastal band within the framework of the works that put the beach houses in a different style, they were also strengthened aesthetically. Taking into account the 'street life' habits of the people of İzmir, the project was realized in two stages and the Sahilevleri became a center of attraction.

Sailevleri Coastal Arrangement Studies 2. The Baku Park, which was created in the same area as the Stage, was opened with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Azerbaijani Ambassador Hazar Ibrahim, Azerbaijan Brotherhood and Cooperation Association President, Dr. Asif Kurban, CHP Izmir deputies Ali Yiğit and Murat Bakan, CHP provincial chairman Deniz Yücel, Mayor of Narlidere Mayor Hasan Aslan, Mayor of Cesme Muhittin Dalgic, Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Ibrahim Senol, Mayor of Urla Sibel Uyar and Mayor of Guzelbahce Mustafa Located in thin.

The first part of the 2.7 kilometer of the revised project carried out on the coastal strip of 1.6 kilometers in the popular residential area of ​​Narlıdere district was opened to service with the ceremony attended by Republican People's Party President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu last December.

Call for signature for presidential candidates
The ceremony began with calls for democracy in the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu speech, recalling that said the danger of a regime change in Turkey "24 the only president in June, we will only choose their deputies. We will also decide with which system the country will be managed. Either we will go to the dictatorship, or we will establish the people's power and the parliamentary system. Ya

Stating that the discourse of democracy is not just a word and that it is not a democrat by saying “democracy le, Mayor Kocaoğlu said,“ Participatory democracy is by managing and deciding everything together. 'Five years to five years to vote for me to leave the rest' without fellow citizens, barbers, people to think together and decide to be open to criticism of democracy, '' he said.

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued his words as follows:: 24 appeared in June. If this cannot be changed, we have to blame. So we have to do one thing: We will work. In Turkey, where we know, if we know who needs to reach them. The progressive section has to stand up. The chest needs to be protected. Every vote that doesn't go to the polls is going through democracy. I believe we must work to revert back to light. For our country, we must give our vote for peace and for Turkey's reconciliation with the world. In order to make the economy produces rescued our economy from construction and financial intrigue, to solve the Kurdish problem, in order to establish peace forever, Turkey's 24 should be successful in June. This is a feast of democracy. I want you to give my signature to the chairman of the 4 party, which collects signatures in order to be a presidential candidate. No matter what your own party, in the name of democracy, in the name of our future, in the name of peace, I demand all of you to support them in the name of the future of our children. Of course, as CHP's president of 14, we will provide our support for Muharrem Ince's success. CH

But it has a value
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, AKP Provincial Chairman Aydin Sengul and AKP Group Vice President Bilal Dogan said: Aydın Mr. Aydin Sengul, free city planner. He was an MP. He still serves as the provincial chairman. 'Let the bay do the cleaning project, let us do it,' he said. The Gulf has two partners: one of them is TCDD and one of them is İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. We took the EIA report together. The location of the TCDD from the New Fortress to the port should be screened; In order to pass the third generation ships .. 300-400 will increase the profitability, if it invests a million pounds. 2 will finance its investment in the year. But TCDD did nothing, no more! After receiving the EIA report, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action to prepare a project to determine how to clean the gulf, how to protect it and how to do it without damaging the living things. The General Directorate of İZSU went to the tender for this project. 6 domestic, 6 foreign company participated in the tender. After the completion of this work, construction tender will be made. Mr. Provincial Chairman knows them very well. But the choice is there to say. But it must be a value, a dignity. There is also Bilal Dogan. He knows very well that we are going to tender for the rehabilitation of Harmandalı and the Solid Waste Plant we want to establish in Yamanlar is a court. They are searching, scanning, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun can not find a bad thing, this time they are turning to different ways. Today, the bad news, previously discredited İZBAN. But in the way that we know it right, we walk with no doubt, with faith and stubbornness. We may lose time, but we will not return. Zaman

Tatlises ..
Referring to the criticism of the Metropolitan Municipality and its people, the well-known singer İbrahim Tatlıses, who is a candidate for the candidate candidate for AKP from Izmir, Kocaoğlu said, olan 3 that comes to İzmir is from Izmir. This artist in Izmir, '5 is living in Izmir for years,' he says. 5 did not learn to be from Izmir in the year, but 'Izmir, Aziz Kocaoglu'na hit the big man is heard,' he said he had learned.

We've been together for centuries
Speaking at the ceremony, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hazar Ibrahim said, İbrah As our two countries, our roots go deeper. We've been together for centuries, we're going to be somewhere today and eternally. Of course Izmir has very special relations with Baku. 85 is the sister cities for years. Having an Baku Park in Izmir is very important for us. Every opportunity to come to this park to enjoy spending time, "he said.

St. President revolutionized transportation
Narlıdere Mayor Abdül Batur, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun always support them by stating that ehir Our request, Izmir Azizdir, Aziz must remain. Aziz Kocaoglu, the shore of the entire bay is functioning like a necklace. The pearl of this necklace is the Beach Houses. We would like to thank our President, who brought Narlidere to the sea and brought the city to the sea together. N Batur, who reminded that since Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu has made a revolution in transportation and rail system since his taking office, ğ There is İZBAN from Selçuk to Aliağa, there is a tram in Konak and Karşıyaka. Now Narlıdere and Buca metro is taking new steps in transportation, Bu he said.

One nation, two states
President of Azerbaijan Brotherhood and Cooperation Association Asif Kurban said: ın This year the independence of Azerbaijan 100. Year. The opening of the park is very important this year. 100 how we brothers years ago, now we are. I would like to thank the Mayor of Izmir, Aziz Kocaoglu and all the employees. Baku Hurray, long live the brotherhood of Izmir and Turkey. We are a nation, two states. Biz

The symbol of the brotherhood “Baku Park eş
Located in the second stage of the beach, Baku Park was organized as a park where children can play comfortably. 85 is the sister city of Baku and Izmir, the independence of Azerbaijan 100. opened the Baku Park and crowned this friendship. 114 pieces of trees, 32 thousand 839 pieces of bushes, 243 thousand 455 pieces of ground cover and planting plants were made in the park where a green corridor was formed between the shrub groups and trees and the sea and vehicle roads. There are sitting benches on the shoreline, 13 canopy, 1 handicapped children's playground, 1 condition area. special design includes 35 pieces trash can.

Bike routes and BISIM station
As in the coastal design projects implemented in the city, in the second stage of the Narlıdere-Sahilevleri Coastal Band Arrangement Project, citizens can meet with the sea and enjoy sports without interruption.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to bicycle use in its coastal design projects, also brings pedal enthusiasts to the 1 kilometer cycling path and BISIM station in this project. There are also new generation play groups that will attract the attention of the little ones in Sahilevleri Coastal Design.

Bostanlı model
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, established on the coast of Bostanli, and especially the young people, Izmir's unique gulf views of the fatigue of those who want to throw the great appreciation of the wood-looking sunset terrace of one of the Narlıdere-Sahilevleri Project established for. The seating benches distributed to the shoreline were made of natural stone and concrete precast. For those who want to get closer to the sea, also 4 fishing boats were created.
The coastal district of Narlıdere, which is a popular residential area of ​​the Narlıdere district, has become a new center of attraction with its green texture, fishing piers, and seating groups with its coastal arrangement of 2.6 kilometers.

Blue more green
In the second stage arrangement, including the Baku park, the sea salt and wind resistant all the time remaining green, junipers, jerks, gazania with laurel colored flowers, laurel-like surface coverers like oleander and colored bushes such as oleander, gaura, berberis, dandelion and lavender were used. . In this arrangement where blue and green meet, one of the works of Izmir Sculpture Workshop will be used as in the first stage.

Coasts color
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which brings the people to the sea in a more comfortable and comfortable environment, iki İzmir Sea Shore Design Project epe within the scope of the Passport, Konak Pier - Karataş, Üçkuyular - Göztepe between the Scaffold and Bostanlı Creek, the beachfront arrangement of two stages of coastal beach and Flag 1 2. Stage and the first stage of the XNUMX stage were opened. With the new Foça coast, Urla has rearranged the sand sea beach and brought a new attraction to these regions.


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