Tam O An East Express National Photo Contest Begins

Eastern Express Timetable Changed
Eastern Express Timetable Changed

Exactly East Express National Photography Contest Begins: The competition will be rewarded for the photographs taken on the East Express route. Anyone who is an amateur and professional photographer over the age of 18 will be able to participate in the “Exact Moment” photo contest.

True fame beyond Turkey's borders Express, now will be subject to national photo contest. Various awards will be given to those who will participate in the competition with the photos taken with the motto “Just That Moment” and taken on the route of Doğru Ekspresi.

The prize will be awarded 10 thousand TL, the second 7 thousand TL, and the third one 5 thousand TL among the participants of the "Tam O AN" photography contest. In the competition, three names worthy of the honorable mention will be awarded 3 thousand TL. Among the participants, 36 works will be exhibited in Ankara and Kars. The deadline for participation in the Eastern Express National Photography contest is 31 May 2018.

Detailed information about the application and conditions related to the photography contest www.tfsf.org.t is s www.tcddtasimacilik.gov.t is addresses.

Full O 'An' Eastern Express National Photo Contest Specification



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