3 from cabs. Airport Response: 'Passenger Almam'

The drivers with the responses to the Uber application are 3, which will be in service soon. to take passengers to the airport, there will not take passengers to rebel. According to the Tradesmen Chamber of Taxis in Istanbul, the situation in which the taxi drivers rebelled is 'normal.'

According to the news of Esra Boğazlıyan from Habertürk, 3. The taxi drivers who take passengers to the airport will not be able to get customers from there as in Ataturk Airport. That's where the long distance problem will start. Because 3. The airport is too far from the city center and the taxi driver will have to return the vacant route empty.


Some cablers are reactive. Taxi driver Ali A. reacts as follows:

. Let's say I got passengers from the city to the new airport. At least I'll go 40-50 km. But I can't take passengers on the way back. I'm coming back from E-5 and TEM so I can't get customers along the way. So it's a mass damage. Why should I have a passenger? Of course I don't take passengers to the airport. Tabii


SK, which is a taxi stand in Beyoğlu, claims that taxi drivers who had taken passengers to the airport could not get passengers, but that Uber had taken passengers and taxi drivers faced a great injustice:

Ik Last year, we asked for the airport to be opened to all taxi drivers by submitting a petition to the Department of Transportation. But our attempts have failed. Imagine I'm taking passengers to the airport as a cabbie giving the tax but I have to return empty. But the tax-free UBER can take passengers there. Now the problem will be even greater at the new airport. Because the distance is too long. The taxi driver cannot choose customers, of course, but there will be problems between the passengers and the taxi driver who do not want to return. This injustice must be solved. Bu


Istanbul Taxis Tradesmen Chamber President Eyüp Aksu on the complaints of the taxi drivers, "What do you say?" To the question "Airport taxi drivers work there by paying the outside, a taxi operator can not get passengers from outside," he replied.

  2. The average prices of the taxi for the airport are as follows:

5 km-39 (via E-102) from Taksim, 50 km-129 (via TEM)
5 km-43 lira (via E-112) from Sariyer (via TEM) 37 km-97 lira
5 km-45 lira (via E-117) from Bakırköy, 47 km-122 (via TEM)
5 km-57 pounds (via E-147) from Buyukcekmece, 60 km-159 (via TEM)


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