Eye of Swedish Investors in Antalya

Swedish Consul General Therese Hydén Visited ATSO Swedish Consul General Therese Hydén and Honorary Consul of Sweden Antalya Nil Sagir visited Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ATSO Chairman Davut Çetin, Vice President Mızrab Cihangir Deniz, Board Members Ayhan Kızılsavaş, Nilay Akbaş Tarakçı and Vice President Hatice Öz agreed. Davut Cetin, President of ATSO, gave information about Antalya economy, investment opportunities and activities of ATSO to the Consul General of Sweden.

Eye of Swedish Investors in Antalya

ATSO President Davut Çetin stated that the trade volume between Antalya and Sweden is at the level of 10.6 million dollars, and Antalya's 60 is the oldest of vegetables and fruits. Davut Çetin pointed out that the number of Swedish tourists who came to Antalya on holiday was 2016 thousand in 145 last year. He said edi The number of Swedish tourists has increased in the first four months of this year. I hope it will continue to increase all year long. Um

David Cetin pointed out that Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of R & D, innovation and design., We do not have much trade with Sweden but there are many areas that we can do together and we can improve our relations. In Antalya, we took more lessons from the crisis in 2015-2016 years. We can cooperate with Swedish companies to bring new technologies to our city. Only import - export is not enough; The most important thing in the world is the need for cooperation in information and information sharing. The number of R & D centers increased from 1 to 15 with the effect of our activities in Antalya. In the coming period, our goal is to enrich our city with design centers. Swedish companies can receive support in this sense, İsveç he said.

Swedish companies are in close follow-up

Swedish Consul General Therese Hydén said: ve Swedish companies are dealing with a wide range of issues, particularly light rail and health investments in Antalya. We are working to bring Swedish companies to Antalya. We can also take the companies in Antalya to Sweden and meet with the purchasing committees. Swedish companies are particularly experienced in environmentally friendly production and waste management. Antalya is an environmentally sensitive city; Swedish companies can contribute to this issue. I am also proud that IKEA will be opened in Antalya in the coming days. Antalya

3. Airport and hospital investments

Third airport project in Istanbul 12 220 million euros Swedish company noted that the tender received Consul General, Swedish investment companies closely at the city hospital in Turkey expressed that they follow.

Swedish teams can be relocated to Antalya

Turkey and Antalya in the next issue of Swedish tourists on holiday who stated that they predict an increase this year, Consul, especially sport and culture of Swedish tourists, tourism, noting that chose to mainly resort of Antalya advantages in this regard the number of tourists into better be introduced in Sweden pointed to the increase.

Antalya considers that it is a very suitable city for sports tourism Consul General said, için I find football tourism interesting. I met with the President of the Football Federation of Turkey in the past days. In the coming months to play the match in Turkey and Swiss National Team's friendship came to the fore. Perhaps by this way, we can attract Swedish teams to Antalya. Belki

Swedish Retired Tourists

In the recent years, the Swedish retirement organization in PRO ti has been working with a tourism company in Antalya and annually 1500 Swedish retiree has been holidaying in 15 in Antalya in winter time. This tour program for the last two years Stating that the various reasons, "Antalya, Sweden is a real holiday paradise for retirees. Swedish tourists are extremely happy to spend time in Antalya. We can make some tourist facilities suitable for the elderly and the disabled, and we can open the hotels that are closed in the winter to retired tourists from Sweden. Bazı

The meeting also provided information on the work of the Swedish and Swedish Business Office, which operates in the country and operates in 50.

President Davut Çetin gave a table to Consul General Therese Hydén in memory of the visit by ATSO Anatolian Fine Arts High School students.

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