Minibuses in Samsun Returned to Their Old Places After Years

The minibuses, which were moved from the Gar route, which was the last stop years ago by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, were replaced by the UKOME decision. TŞOF President Fevzi Apaydın said, "This is a good development, it was correct for tradesmen to work this way."

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) from the direction of Atakum and Tekkeköy, the last stop at the stop stop in the past, but the 7 year before the last stop of the Grand Mosque and Republic Square, minibuses, the last stops were changed to Gar.


Fevzi Apaydın, President of the Turkish Drivers' and Automobile Association (TŞOF), said that the decision was a positive development and said, "We do not want to get involved in political developments, but I think Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz thought that this task would be given to him earlier, UKOME made such a decision and in our opinion it is an elegant thing. it happened. He had done this in the past. It took a series of measures so that the rail system could take more passengers and pay for itself in a short time. Minibus operators coming from east-west directions changed the places of our shopkeepers and tried to reduce their passengers. Yusuf Bey thinks we are against the rail system, but we are never. If the rail system had not been built, it would have taken an hour and a half to arrive at Türk-İş. We are grateful to him for the rail system, but he pulled back the last stops of the minibuses for reasons such as 'I do not bring a minibus into the city'. In fact, the previous route was given by the municipality. Aim; It was to destroy the chauffeur shopkeepers, we had a great struggle with it. We thank him anyway, it was the right thing for the tradesmen to work in this way. Citizens were also struggling. This is a good development. Such a decision was taken by the way, and we thank those who contributed. As driver tradesmen, we are not ungrateful. If you take one step towards us, we take ten steps. Because we make our bread on these roads kazanwe are eating. May Allah make his way clear, but it has made us suffer a lot. Many tradesmen went bankrupt and left by selling their place," he said.


Chauffeur shopkeepers, on the other hand, experienced the happiness of coming to their old stops years later. Ali Arslan, who has been a driver for years, stated that the citizen will experience great convenience and said, “Our stops changed 7-8 years ago. The citizen was accustomed to the old system, when we lowered it, the second vehicle was in a hurry and had to pay additional fees. The elderly and mothers with children were having a hard time using the second vehicle. A very good decision for them. Our passengers are very happy. They were still asking if we came to this stop, when they found out that we did not come, they did not get on, even if they got on. We hope this decision is not an election investment, we will continue to come to this station after the election. ”

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