Interesting Expressions from General Manager of Samsun Logistics Center

In Samsun, 5 attracted reaction with the statements of Temel Uzlu, who is said to have been appointed to the general directorate of Samsun Logistics Center, which was opened with the promise of providing employment to a thousand people, and which was discussed at every stage, during the visit of a businessman delegation.

Introducing the Samsun Logistics Center to the delegation of around 25, Uzlu gathered reaction with the expressions he used after the introduction. . I have been in senior positions in the logistics industry for nearly 20 year, bulun said Uzlu. Of course, this is just one leg of logistics. Storage foot. There's handling, customs, and so on, and so on. We'll only provide storage service right now. Other countries have crossed them, the men have done everything. Our civil servants and bureaucrats are making it harder to make things easier. This is taking the country back.

You know the Jews, they almost rule the world, right? I also work with Jews in Turkey. You know they are rich and good living in Turkey. You seem to refer to the Jews give the annual Turkey 5 how we're moving, how we are improving. ' in the form of.

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