Ankara to the Istanbul YHT Line during Ramadan Feast Additional Expedition


Additional Expedition to Ankara Istanbul YHT Line during Ramadan Feast: In the statement made by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, in order to meet the increasing passenger demand due to the Ramadan Feast, there will be additional mutual YHT flights between Ankara and Istanbul (Pendik).

YHTs, which will be operated between Ankara and Istanbul (Pendik) on 14 and 17 June, will depart from Ankara in 13.25 and from Istanbul in 18.45. An additional 644-passenger capacity will be provided between Ankara and Istanbul by additional high-speed trains.

In addition, the tickets of all YHT flights will be available on 23-29 June so that our passengers who will travel during the Ramadan Feast can purchase their round-trip tickets at the same time.



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