Kamislo Boulevard is being paved in Diyarbakir

📩 24/12/2018 22:36

2018 800 thousand tons of asphalt in the city center by targeting the streets in April, opening the season in April, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, as the path of the protocol in the way of asphalting Kamislo Boulevard.

2018 800 thousand tons of hot asphalt in the city center by targeting the season in April, opening the season in Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Bağlar district and the protocol path known as the path of the Kamışlo Boulevard began to work paving. Within the scope of the acak Bağcılar Region Regeneration Works gidiş, the 3,6 kilometer will be asphalted and the 50 Meter Kamışlo Boulevard will be asphalted. Total 23 thousand tons of hot asphalt on the boulevard teams, previously 8 cm butum base and 6 cm thick binder layer had completed the work.

Comfort layer to minimize noise

After the infrastructure and basic works of the Metropolitan Municipality, a comfort layer (modified stone mastic asphalt) will be added to the Kamislo Boulevard. In the new city center, the comfort layer will be 4 cm thick. As the comfort layer known as SMA has the fiber modified with fiber, the road that gains flexibility will reduce the vibrations and vehicle tire sounds to a minimum and improve driving comfort.

Studies will be completed in 20 days

20 will be completed within the day, the Metropolitan Municipality, the asphalt 25 to 30 to be laid in degrees Celsius because of the work in the hours of work will be done in the Bulavar. The 3 paver and 4 cylinder are operated at the same time in the hot asphalt run in order to avoid any problems in the paving of asphalting of the boulevard and no gap between the connections of the road. In order to avoid any disruption in vehicle traffic, the traffic is given from the single lane of the road, both in and out.

Bike path to be built on the boulevard

After the hot asphalt pavement at Kamislo Boulevard, the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality will build a bike track with 2 meters on both sides of the road.

After the work to be carried out, on Kamislo Boulevard, the warning signs will start with marking the vehicle speed breaker for road line and pedestrian safety.

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