Soup Surprise to Metrobus and Tram Passengers

Zeytinburnu Municipality, citizens who can not catch iftara CevizliThe vineyard offered hot soup at the metrobus and tram stop. Serving the iftarını at the stall with the soups, then the citizens took their way home.

With the arrival of the Ramadan month, Zeytinburnu Municipality brings thousands of people together at iftar dinners and helps the citizens caught on the road. In the month of Ramadan, 5 has provided soup to citizens in separate points. CevizliSoup for citizens caught on the way to iftar at the stand set up at the exit of the vineyard metrobus and tram stop, cevizli He offered bread, dates and water. In the treat, which also included the Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, the passengers who entered the queue of soup sipped their hot soup with the recitation of the call to prayer.

Citizens, students, young to old people along the edge of the pavement on the pavement of citizens, sipping their steaming soup with steamed soup followed by their homes again.


Mr. Murat Aydın, Mayor of Zeytinburnu stated that it is a great source of happiness for him to get the thanks from the people and to see the happiness in their eyes, için Thank goodness we got another Ramadan. During Ramadan, we have street iftar in all neighborhoods of Zeytinburnu. About 50 is our guest in the square and street iftar. Of course in this abundance of work at home to come to work at home to forget the iftara do not forget. So every evening iftar time CevizliWe offer soup service at different points of 15, including the metro metrobus and tram stop, Marmaray Kazlıçeşme Station, Merkezefendi, 5 July Square and Municipality Square. Today too CevizliWe met with our fellow citizens at the link Metrobus and tram stop. We served a few minutes before our dinner and shared with them. It is a great feeling for me to feel the happiness in their eyes. May my Lord bless our country, our nation and all the oppressed people, I wish the Ramadan well. Izi


Cebrail Bakalakamaha, a student from Guinea who came to Istanbul for university, said that there is no soup in Guinean culture. I live in a student residence in Zeytinburnu. I got off the metrobus, I was trying to catch up with iftar, I came across the municipality's soup. It looked so beautiful, I could not stand it, got into the queue, opened my fast with soup. There is no culture in Guinea soup, but I'm used to in Turkey. I thank everyone who contributed. ”

Ismail Dolutaş says that such a service is very good for people and the citizen says, R I have been going to the queue for two years in each month of Ramadan and I take my soup. The right is the municipality. The taste is really nice and satisfying. He's holding on till he gets home. It is very good for the citizens to provide such services in Ramadan. R


During the month of Ramadan and street iftarlarla approximately 50 thousand citizens of the Gonul Sofrası hosts the Municipality of Zeytinburnu, iftara citizens caught on the way CevizliVineyard Metrobus stop, Marmaray Kazlıçeşme stop, 15 July Square, Merkezefendi and Municipality Square, 3 thousand people hot soup every evening, cevizli He offers bread, dates and water.

The municipality also provides 150-type hot food until the door of the 4 family in need of help. Foods that are inspected by food engineers at regular intervals are selected according to the health status of the family. Two teams serving families in need in the 13 neighborhood in the district, 4 variety of food every day to reach the door of the needy citizens.

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