Manisa MOS Logistics Reduces Carbon Emissions 75 by Rail Transportation

📩 24/12/2018 22:35

Manisa Organized Industrial Zone's logistic center, the industrialist's goods are exported to the world at a lower cost. The products from the Logistics Center being sent by rail to the port of Izmir Aliaga and goes directly to the Republic of Turkey with direct rail links to many industrial products. Thanks to the railway transportation, a reduction in carbon emissions of 75 is achieved and environmental pollution is prevented.

Manisa Organized Industrial Logistics Center, which is implemented by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone to reduce the costs of firms operating in OIZ and to facilitate their business, carries the burden of industrialists to the world. The manager of the Logistics Center, Arda Erman, started operations at the beginning of 2010 and gave information about the center. 306 stated that they provide railway transportation and storage services in the logistics sector over an area of ​​one thousand square meters. Erman said, dile We are among the OIZs in terms of our work and service. They have similar structures but are doing it through the private sector. No other OSBs. We carry approximately 300 containers per day. Izmir Alsancak Port, Aliaga Port is continuing our shipments. With the efficient service we provide, there are no empty wagons and we work at a rate of 100. We will increase the capacity utilization. There is a railway connection to Aliağa Harbor. We were informed by TCDD that the railway connection will be completed in the year. We will increase our capacity by 50 percentage. Because of the direct railway connection, we are making the most efficient transportation to Izmir Port. Doğrudan


MOS Logistics Manager Arda Erman has completed 2017 container transportation in 70. 2018 has realized a growth of 5 percent in the first 40 month. We have an 2018 container for 85 bin. Here electronics and white goods covered wagon with the Republic of Turkey is being done mainly for export. Exports can be made directly to countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan by rail. Türkmen


Noting that the Logistics Center is a social responsibility project and aiming to protect the environment, Erman said, olduğun We measure our carbon footprint. When a truck carries a truckload of 1 miles, the carbon emission of a diesel locomotive has a difference of 75 in favor of the railway in the carbon emission of a tonnage of a diesel. This is an environmental transport. TCDD, Manisa, Izmir, Soma and Aliaga until the end of this hinterlantta investments completed. We are going to move 100 environmentalist to a percent of our carbon footprint by resetting 100 electric-powered locomotives. In addition, there is a very serious traffic in this area. Load is increasing in new facilities. We pull the 300 container from the highway to the railway and reduce the carbon emissions, make an environmental transportation model, and somehow prevent fatal accidents. We want to carry all our freight traffic by rail Bütün.


Erman stated that there is an awareness about the railway transportation industry in the industrial sector. He said that they provide direct service to export and import to 72 company in Manisa OSB. Erman said, “We are exporting from our factories in Manisa OSB to 153 country of the world. White goods and electronic weight. In 2017, the foreign trade volume of 8.5 billion dollars has been reached. Provides cost advantage to industrialists. We provide significant efficiency in warehouses inside factories. Thanks to our warehouses we can send to factories whenever they want. We also become a solution partner for the unnecessary tightness of the factories in the warehouses. We provide the opportunity to expand the areas of the factory and expand the production areas. Biz

Arda Erman stated that the rise in the dollar has not affected the logistics sector yet and said that the industrialist complained about the increase in electricity prices. Arda Erman, nakliye There was a very fast rise in the dollar, but we didn't feel it in the shipping part. There is no decrease in the numbers we carry. On the contrary, there is an increase. The regions where we carry transport are also effective. Manisa OSB generally exports to the European side. But we also do imports from the Far East. There was an increase in electricity costs. An increase of 30-35 was encountered. The dollar may be affected by current changes. But electricity prices cannot be affected by foreign exchange. The biggest concern of the industrialist is not the foreign exchange but the electricity costs, San he said.

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