Minister Arslan Halkalı-Gebze Participated in Test Drive on Commuter Line

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: ız We will make 28 voyages per hour and carry 75 thousand people in one direction. Hopefully we will be able to transport 1 million 200 thousand people with Marmaray vehicles throughout the day. ”

Halkalı Arslan, who took the test drive from the Train Station to Kazlıçeşme Train Station, made examinations on this line.

Arslan, who made a statement at Kazlıçeşme Train Station, said that HalkalıHe stated that it is very important in terms of bringing the existing suburban lines from Gebze to metro standards and using the Marmaray vehicles to travel the route of 77 kilometers in 115 minutes without any transfer.

Arslan noted that today they passed the 20 km distance on the European side of the project with a test drive, and said that the commuter lines are very important for Istanbul residents and their guests as they are the backbone of the rail systems on the east-west axis.

Reminding that 13,5 kilometers of existing system from Kazlıçeşme to separation fountain was built under the sea, Arslan stated that Marmaray vehicles have been serving for 5 years.

Arslan said, “The process for the complete cancellation and removal of suburban lines on the European and Anatolian sides and upgrading the existing suburban lines to the metro standard was ongoing.” he spoke.

Arslan stated that the work was delayed to this day due to the difficulties experienced by the contractor companies in the tender processes before, and he said the following:

“However, I would like to express with pleasure that we have achieved 20 percent improvement in both lines, including 43 kilometers of European side and 82 kilometers of Anatolian side. As of now, we have achieved 81 percent improvement in the entire business. Our goal is to finish rough construction as of the end of August and finish the electrification and signalization works, which we have already started working in the next 2 months period. Then, by completing the test drives until the end of the year, to open the entire line to operation by the end of December. ”

"440 means 300 of them were manufactured in Turkey"

Arslan stated that there is no hitch in this business, a nice point has been reached, the rails have begun to be laid on both sides, and that the rails ordered from abroad have been laid and now they are using domestic rails manufactured in Karabük.

The processes are continuing, both in Gebze and HalkalıStating that there will be warehouse sites in Arslan, Arslan said that the whole system will be in operation control center in Maltepe, where the works are going as planned, Halkalıreported that they had established a backup operating center in.

Arslan stated that Marmaray vehicles are currently serving 5 sets from the Separation Fountain to Kazlıçeşme and that they will run 1530 sets at peak times when the entire line is opened, and they can carry 10 thousand 3 people at a time with these sets. he stressed.

Marmaray will be used in the entire vehicle 440 they gave their orders before they import and manufacture of finished Arslan, gave the information that these tools are manufactured in 300 of them in Turkey.

20 thousand flights per hour, 1,2 million passengers per day

Arslan, stating that they will make 28 trips per hour, said, “We will carry 75 thousand people in one way. Hopefully, we will be able to carry 1 million 200 thousand people with Marmaray vehicles throughout the day. ” spoke in the form.

Halkalı-Gebze suburban line will be found in total 43 station records Arslan, 43 station of this 7 one of the main line trains, high-speed trains will be stopped stations reported.

Arslan, this 7 station Gebze, Pendik, Maltepe, Bostanci, Sogutlucesme, Bakirkoy and Halkalı Stations that these stations will serve the main line trains, Yenikapi station to serve high-speed trains, transfer stations, but predicted that the historical monuments that do not allow it here, some historical artifacts told us that they can not remove.

Minister Arslan, 77 kilometers and 43 station 13 station 6 different rail system can transfer passengers, 6,5 million passengers per day serving rail systems will have the chance to transfer passengers to Marmaray.

Halkalı from the station HalkalıArslan also stated that passengers can be transferred to the Istanbul New Airport subway. Halkalıfrom Yenikapı-Kirazlı-Halkalı line from Küçükçekmece to Yenikapı-Hacıosman line, also called Yenikapı-İncirli-Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü, from Ataköy to İkitelli-Ataköy line, from Bakırköy to Bakırköy-İDO-Kirazlı-Başakşehir line, from Söğütlüçeşme to Three-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel and its rail system, from Göztepe to Göztepe-Ümraniye-Ataşehir line, from Bostancı to Bostancı-Dudullu line, from Pendik to Pendik-Sabiha Gökçen line, from Tuzla Kadıköy-Kartal-Tavsantepe line will be integrated.

Arslan, Gebze-Halkalı the suburban line also runs from Yenikapı to Taksim-Hacıosman-Levent metro line, from Sirkeci to Bağcılar-Kabataş from tram line, from Üsküdar to Üsküdar-Sultanbeyli line, from Ayrılık Fountain Kadıköy-Kartal-Rabbittepe line will be connected.

“High-speed train departing from Sivas next year Halkalıcan come to

Arslan stated that a total of 3 people, including 25 workers, are currently working on this line, and that between Üsküdar and Sirkeci can be covered in 3 minutes, the separation between Ayrılıkçeşmesi-Kazlıçeşme in 760 minutes, and the entire line can be covered in 4 minutes.

Expressing that two viaducts are under construction in Arslan, Arslan stated that 21 of 19 highway underpasses are finished and the two are about to be finished. He explained that 627-meter open-close tunnels were built, some of the crossings were completed, 17 of the 15 highway overpasses were finished, 23 of the 20 pedestrian underpasses were put into service, and 12 of the 9 pedestrian overpasses were put into service.

Arslan noted that the high-speed trains departing from Ankara are now coming to Pendik and said:

“High-speed trains will arrive in Haydarpaşa by the end of the year. We are completing the restoration work at Haydarpaşa Station. It will serve our high-speed trains. Some of our high speed trains use the Marmaray line. Halkalıwill be up to. We will also finish the line up to Sivas next year. A high-speed train departing from Sivas will start from Haydarpaşa and Halkalıwill be up to. Currently, construction works are ongoing HalkalıWhen we finish the Kapikule high-speed train line, our high-speed trains will go to Europe. ”


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