Feasibility Studies for Kütahya Teleferic Project Started

kutahya cable car project
kutahya cable car project

The feasibility studies for the tender for the construction of the Teleferik project, which will be realized by Kütahya Municipality and which will add a different value and vision to our city in terms of tourism, started.

Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu exchanged ideas with the relevant authorities in the scope of the work on the cable car project.

Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu on the ropeway project; As Kütahya Municipality, our aim is to serve our citizens in the best way. We think that the ropeway project is very important in terms of tourism and will add a different value to our city. Thanks to the project, transportation to the historic Hisar Kalemize will be easier. Our citizens had a lot of demands about the project in question. We direct our work by evaluating the demands and suggestions of our non-citizens in the framework of the law, Hemş he said.

Within the scope of the cable car works planned to be built between the city center and Hisar Fortress, 500 meter line length, 2 station, sub station area covered parking, shopping areas, cable car station and the upper station will be constructed as environmental arrangements, restaurant, cafeteria and ropeway station.




    1. The mentality that thinks it will develop the city today by cable car is simply marveled. What would happen if there was a cable car in Kütahya, for God's sake! Let's develop agriculture, trade, industry, tourism. Let's build factories, build workshops, increase greenhouse cultivation, increase spa use, etc. etc. Let's leave these children's works, playing amusement parks; waste is nothing more. I hope not, if it happens, a shame.