Heavy Rains in Kocaeli Stopped Tram Trips

The downpour, which started in Kocaeli from night hours, paralyzed life caused the tram stops to stop. The tram services returned to normal towards noon.

The heavy rain last night paralyzed the city. Severe and thunderstorms hit the rains in Izmit. While the neighborhoods were flooded, landslides occurred in some districts.

Heavy rainfall hit the tram lines. Tramways could not be made due to excessive rainfall. The authorities of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality put a bus service on the tram line in order not to make a victim.

Citizens were transported by bus, tram routes. But when the buses came to little, some of the citizens were standing. Buses are full. The teams went into intensive work to troubleshoot the tram.

In the statement made by İletişim Park, “Akçaray flights are not possible due to heavy rainfall. Our flights will continue as soon as possible by fixing the problem. ”

The problem's been solved
After the work of the municipal teams, the tram lines were rebuilt.

Source : www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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