Kars Harakani Airport Second Run 30 Will Open Before October

Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Kars Harakani Airport `` There is currently one center from the taxiway exit, stating that the two runways with the end of the fast taxi way, including 5 one of the taxi way will be attained.

Minister Arslan, Kars Harakani Airport on-site studies examined the ongoing construction.

Minister Arslan, the airport after making a statement in his statement, as in all parts of the country said that the work in Kars.

Arslan said that he had the chance to examine the runway works at the airport and said, “The works are proceeding in a pleasant way. I hope that the current runway between the current runway and the apron after the construction of the taxiway will continue to use the old runway and the next part of this runway will be finished after the old taxi way will be finished. ”

Arslan reminded that the planes coming to Kars will have used the new runway and that the old runway was renewed asphalt about 11-12 years ago. Lan The renovation of the existing runway will continue. While there is one taxiway exit from the center at the moment, Kars Harakani Airport will have gained the 5 taxiway including the fast taxiway exits with the end of two runways ”.

Pointing out that the aircraft had to return from time to time without going to the end of the runway after landing and made a quick turn, Arslan said:

“Now it's not like that anymore. There can be quick taxi way exits from anywhere, and planes can leave the runway wherever they want, so they can arrive at the apron in a much shorter distance and time. Our satisfaction will have to close the airport if we have repaired the runway because it is time for maintenance of our existing runway. Moreover, our airport serves Kars, Ardahan, some parts of Artvin, and from time to time in many regions including Iğdır. The services were going to be interrupted, but instead we will be repairing the existing track after serving on this track with our track. Thus, the service will be provided without any need to shut down the airport in any way by means of alternating repairs as needed. Last year, the foundations were laid, and with the works we added, we aimed to finish the 30 October, the day of liberation in Kars, but the current works show that it can end before that. Thanks again to friends. Arkadaşlar

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