Kocaeli MMO President Kürekci: "Investments should be made in the Sea and Railway"

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Head of Kocaeli Branch Murat Kürekci said that the importance given to road transportation in the last period has caused neglect of sea and railway transportation.

Shovel, respect for nature, safe and cheap transportation to railways to be announced that the need to invest. Shovel, passenger and freight transportation in the region of the railroads revealed the table as follows:

Adapazari train stops were stopped at 01 / 02 / 2012. High-speed train for rail work before; this train served approximately an average of 427 thousand people per month between Haydarpaşa and Adapazarı. 2015 was re-activated in 24, but the number of trips was reduced from 4 to 4 and 8 from 31 to 13. We demand the reopening of the closed railway stations, the number of flights to be at least (as before) the 24 voyage and the route (as before) to the Haydarpaşa - Adapazarı railway stations.

The commuter train (124 June 27) which stopped at 19 train station and stopped 2013 on the day of running between Haydarpaşa-Gebze was completely stopped. In 2012, more than a million 26 trains are still in use. 24 months to be closed by the work began. It will be 5 year in June. We want this train to be offered to the citizens as soon as possible.

Organized Industrial Zones and Ports do not have railway connections. This situation should be evaluated. Transport costs and traffic accidents increase accordingly. The competitiveness of industrialists is decreasing.

Murat Kürekci on behalf of the board of directors of MMO, listed the suggestions on the subject:
Ilığı - Rail transport planning should not be done without considering freight transport.
The transportation problem can be reduced with the existing railway infrastructure without an extra investment.
Previously, train ticket prices were cheaper than bus prices. Train travel fees should be reduced by taking into consideration the public interest.

The integration of Kocaeli, Istanbul and Sakarya provinces in railway transportation should be provided urgently.
Traffic safety should be ensured by reducing the share of highways in transportation and by giving weight to other types of transport which have the least risk of accidents. According to the railroad, two-fold, road investments that consume almost three times more energy than the waterway should be reviewed.

TMMOB and related professional chambers should be represented in Traffic Safety Board and Provincial Traffic Commissions.
Traffic flow to the city centers should be deterred, urban development practices and transportation policies should be matched, and construction should be prevented in the roads and city passages.

Public, urban organizations, professional chambers and universities should be consulted in the urban public transportation and privatizations should be abandoned. Kent


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