Governor Toprak Gitti, Level Crossing Closed

With the closure of a level crossing in Yeşiltepe region, citizens living in the region started to suffer serious problems again, and they wanted the Governor Ali Kaban to take care of the issue and to enable the passage to be used in a controlled way, just like in the former Governor Mustafa Toprak.

Unplanned, underside of the upper and lower areas of the settlement of the invoice to the public to the exit. The 56 resident of the 300 household in the region had to walk for hours on foot, when the railway level crossing, pedestrian and vehicle access at Yeşiltepe-Topsöğüt between Yeşiltepe and Topsöğüt was closed. Residents who rebelled against the situation said, gitmek We are walking or walking around with our vehicles to go home or work. We live in the center of Malatya. We are in a situation where the Israelis blockade the Palestinian people. TCDD, Metropolitan and Yesilyurt Municipalities solve the problem instead of throwing the ball at each other. 2 years ago, the issue was raised, we have expressed our problem. Mustafa Toprak, the governor of the time, instructed for a controlled transport at a level crossing. The instruction was fulfilled and we were able to go to our work or home without any problems. But shortly after Governor Bey left, the level crossing was closed. Our children who go to school, old people to walk for hours to stay, we have to move around with our vehicles. Let's find a solution to this problem. 'They said they were waiting for the interest of Governor Kaban.

Road problem in the region, 2 years ago was published with the following news:

In The closure of a level crossing on the secondary road between the Topsöğüt District and Yeşiltepe by the TCDD causes citizens to use the 200 kilometer route for the distance of 14 meters.

TCDD continues to work on the crossing between Yeşiltepe and Topsöğüt. However, due to these studies, the road between Yeşiltepe and Topsöğüt is kept closed. Citizens use the level crossing which is temporarily opened against Yesaydin Street in Yeşiltepe Cumhuriyet Mahallesi.

TCDD, by placing physical barriers on the grounds that there is a level crossing at Günaydın Street entrance, causes the citizens to use the approximate 200 kilometer route to reach the distance of 14 meters.

Residents of the region; Or TCDD makes a crossover next to the level crossing. Until the end of the construction of this place, let us use this as a controlled, or for a long time completed the construction of the construction of the overpass should be completed. In addition, at a distance of approximately 500 meters from the level crossing we have used, TCDD uses level crossings that do not meet the standards in order to reach their lodgings and do not allow the citizen to use it. They said that the level crossing, which is not a problem for them, is used because of the overpass construction of the citizen.

Citizens, N 200 meters to reach our distance, while our work in the city, the hospital, to go to school by way of the Sivas route is forced to use the 14 kilometer. ”They spoke.

Citizens, the governor of Mustafa Toprak asked them to deal with the issue and solve these problems. Vat

After this news, the governor of the period, Mustafa Toprak showed interest in the subject, the citizens of the level crossing in order to ensure that the transportation of controlled orders to be made in line with the instruction and acted on the direction of the problem was solved.


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