Full Note from Citizens to Smart Intersections in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktas planned by the period of traffic and the traffic density in a short time with a rate of 40 reduction of the smart intersection and strip expansion applications, Bursalılardan received full marks.

Electronic arrangement at 6

With the investments it has taken into service, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made Bursa more livable in many areas, pushed the button to eliminate the traffic density among the citizens' biggest problems. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas 'President Recep Tayyip Erdogan' upon the request of the task of taking over the authorities taking action, '6 junction application in a short time with the 29 junction arrangement' traffic by the percentage of traffic allowed 40 breath. Firstly, Esentepe, FSM Tuna Street, Beşevler, Otosansit, Korupark Emek and Küçük Sanayi intersections were discussed. In these regions, the number of strips was increased and the magnetic detector system was installed on the 'asphalt' at the junctions. In this way, in the first phase, the system is made smart in the 6 area, which is the key point of city traffic. Traffic studies are not limited to intelligent intersection applications. The key points in the various 29 regions of the city were discussed within the scope of the same studies. With the arrangements made, the operation of the vehicles in the regions has been relieved.

Interventions for uninterrupted traffic will last

Municipal authorities in Bursa will continue to intervene in the interruption of transportation, the rotational island 6 intersection of the physical movement of the narrow vehicle density is more than that, so there were serious difficulties in traffic, he added. On the other hand, it is impossible to find a normal route in the highway with the help of careless drivers. said that the flow of traffic in the flow is provided.

Citizen to President Aktaş

The steps taken to relieve the transportation in Bursa were driving fast, while the citizens expressed their satisfaction with the arrangements made. The previous roundabouts are kept very wide and this is slowing the flow of traffic to citizens who said, along with the new implementation of the minimization of the frustration of transportation, he said. Paying attention to the respect of each other and the line of people to comply with traffic violations in the traffic that attracted more Bursalılar, the Mayor Alinur Aktas to make arrangements for the arrangements thanked. Removing the rotating islands of the intersections and the electronic support of the vehicle with the relief of the flow of citizens who said that the application to be extended to cover the entire city. Attention to shortening the waiting times in intersections and lights, the lives of interventions should be continued to facilitate the passed.


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