Free Internet Period at Aytemiz Stations

Turkey's fastest growing fuel brand Aytemiz, continues to undertake innovation. Aytemiz, which has made a difference in the sector with pioneer services such as Bike-Friendly Station, Pay from Vehicle and fast charging for electric vehicles, is now adding a new one to its services by providing ler free internet an within its stations.

600 contracted with dealers across the country close to Turkey's fastest growing fuel Aytemiz activities continued unabated as the brand, the industry has started to offer free internet service in the station continues to make a difference. Aytemiz, which has recently become a pioneer in the sector with the m Bike-Friendly Station ında and Ay Fast Charging eyi points for electric vehicles, also attracted the attention of the consumers with its ”Pay from Vehicle tan service, is now starting to offer free internet in the station and service areas.

As Aytemiz, Aytemiz General Manager Ahmet Eke stated that they serve with the stations that are in the interest of the consumer and that they maintain their claim to be one of the most valuable retailers in the fuel sector with the innovative and creative services they have implemented within this scope. Ahmet Eke stated that they continue to make consumers' lives easier by adding free internet service to their surprise services. Ağ At the beginning, we will offer wireless internet service free of charge to our customers at our 100 station throughout the country. We are planning to increase this number over time and by region, according to demand and needs. With our new market and toilet concept, we will continue to make a name for ourselves in the coming period by adding new ones to our services by presenting them with all the services they need and to surprise our customers who spend more time in our stations. Yeni

Acting with the goal of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, Aytemiz reminiscent of realizing the services that will save both time and cost to consumers, emphasized that they are the fastest moving company in this sector. Ahmet Eke, hay As Aytemiz, we always listen to our customers, and we implement our new services and products in line with their demands and demands. At this point, we also follow the technology closely. The time of our customers is precious. We provide them with uninterrupted, fast and free internet service they need during fuel intake, oil change, grocery shopping or washing in our stations. Onlar

”The Number of Fast Charging Points Will Come to 6“

Ahmet Eke, from a warm tea or coffee to high-speed internet, electric fast charging point to clean toilets during the breaks of the consumer during his travels prefer primarily to be a preferred brand of fuel, he emphasized. Eke iyor in order to show that we are the most ready brand for the transformation of electric vehicles in the automotive industry and to lead the sector, we aim to bring the electric fast charging points we established in our 3 station in Istanbul and Ankara to 6 in a short period of time. The most important feature of these charging points in our stations is the fact that electric cars can be charged at 25 rate of 80 per minute. fast charging points will be installed in different provinces of Turkey, considering the demands of our customers and electric vehicle sales will take applications quickly. With the projection that the national car, which is planned to be produced in the coming years, will be electrified, we think that we are the most ready-made brand to spread the charging points throughout the country. We will continue to surprise our innovative and creative services as a fuel brand that closely follows the technology Tekn.

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