Ford Trucks' New Tow Truck Hits the World in October

Ford Trucks is getting ready to launch its new tractor on the roads. The new tractor truck developed and manufactured in Turkey accelerates Ford Trucks' growth in global markets. kazanwill yell. Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün said, "As Ford Otosan, we will increase our competitive power in the global arena with our new tow truck that we have developed for international transportation with our high engineering competence, and we will also reinforce our leading position in the sector by re-setting the standards in the upper segment." said.

Turkey's leading company in the automotive industry, Ford Otosan is preparing to present new attractive the market in October. Ford Trucks' new tow tractor, 500 PS power and 2,50 m. With its cabin width, the power and performance developed for use in the most demanding conditions, and the large volume design focused on comfort, it will redefine the standards in the upper segment. Ford Trucks, both with new attractive in the upper segment in Turkey as well as in the global market will move to a higher level of engineering and competitiveness.

Yenigün: artır We will increase our competitiveness in the global arena with our new tractor Yen

Turkey stressed that they acted with a story writing target the worldwide automotive industry, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar New day, said his assessment:

Uz As Ford Otosan, we continue with our investments that will guide the future of the sector with our leading role in R & D field since our establishment. Following the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics, we increased our 50 sales in international markets last year with our heavy trademark Ford Trucks, which continued its growth in Europe with dealer openings. As of 2020 with Ford Trucks, we carry out our global growth plans with the aim of being present in the 50 country and exporting one of the 3 vehicles we produce. As Ford Otosan, we will increase our competitiveness in the global arena with our high engineering competence and our new tow truck developed for international transportation. We will also reinforce our pioneering position in the sector with our new tractor that will redefine the standards in the upper class. With continuous R & D without removing the local content of the investments we have made in all our processes to manufacture a continuous high level, we will continue to provide added value to the economy of Turkey. We continue to work enthusiastically in order to have a say in the future technologies of our sector and to add new success stories to our industry worldwide. Sektör

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