When Will Erdogan's Plane Land at Istanbul New Airport

Ahmet Arslan
Ahmet Arslan

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they had invited President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to land at Istanbul New Airport with his plane as of February and said, “We said, 'Our airport is always ready to welcome you with the plane. You can come with your plane.' Let's reiterate this invitation on this occasion." said.

Arslan visited the Istanbul Airport Correspondents Association (İHMD) at Atatürk Airport.

Speaking to members of the press here, Arslan said about President Erdoğan's first landing to Istanbul New Airport, “We are always ready to host guests as a host. Especially if this guest is our President, it is in the eyes of the Anatolian people. As of February, we declared: 'As of February, we said our runway is ready for plane landing'. We have already done the necessary tests. We made the necessary actions. Now, we are doing our tests on navigation devices. We have presented our invitation to our President since February. We said, 'Our airport is always ready to welcome you with the plane. You can come with your plane. ' Let us repeat this invitation again on this occasion today. I hope and wish that our President will have times. They both make their first landing at our airport. If this landing occurs due to the fact that it is Ramadan, of course, our invitation is towards iftar with our colleagues and colleagues. We would like to repeat this invitation with you again. Hopefully, the schedule of our President is very tight due to the election e-mail, but I am sure that he is always happy to visit this project, which is one of the most important projects for the development and growth of the country. I hope they can take the time and come within the framework of this satisfaction. We are satisfied and the employees there are satisfied. They can also see the progress at the airport by landing with their own eyes and their own aircraft. ”

Touching on the developments as they facilitate the means of transportation, Minister Arslan said, “In this way, you are reviving the domestic tourism. Someone made a statement the other day, though; "Sir, they made high-speed trains, people have to go and go a lot." We are not looking like this. On the contrary, we say that, first of all, we should increase the travel comfort of our people, increase the comfort of travel, whether our people can travel as domestic tourism or tourists from abroad can travel. ” made the evaluation.

Minister Arslan, the investor's projects on the ground by seeing the decision to take decisions, including the Army-Giresun at the airports said they saw this.

Emphasizing that people prefer to invest in the region as they facilitate access and transportation to the city, Arslan said, “Only the airport is not enough. The investor will come, but the raw material that the investor wants must come. The manufactured product should also be able to go to the target market. It is necessary to reinforce this with divided roads, including comfortable, renovated or new high-speed train routes and ports. This is the joke in Ordu-Giresun. ” made the evaluation.

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