Accessibility for the Visually Impaired was Provided in Konya

The elkart application was initiated by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of facilitating access to the visually impaired.

In order to enable visually impaired people to use public transport more easily, 27 was started to use elkart as a result of cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Konya Branch. Veli Özağan, President of the Konya Branch of the Association for the Protection of the Visions, made a press statement about the implementation. Speaking at the municipality tram stop, President Veli Özağan said, kart Since 2014 has been able to use public transport with disabled ID cards in a year due to an amendment to the regulations, it has been possible to use public transport vehicles since 2014 showing disabled ID cards. However, this application created various problems during the boarding of public transport. This situation had a very negative impact on us as we could be deciphered in the vicinity of the elbows while we were getting on the bus and could lead to comments as free riding by the citizens. For this reason, troubles also began to show troubles. Tram stops 65 meters long and can be accessed from both sides. The movable turnstiles on one side of the tram stop were normally made for wheelchair users. Therefore, the mobile turnstiles did not read the ID cards, so we had to go through the moving turnstile. While passing through, we were trying to show disabled ID cards to officers at the tram stop. Since we were visually impaired, we were making a transition to the left and right without knowing who we were showing the cards. Gör


Mayor Özağan said: uygulam 15 In January, as a result of the press release we made with the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the elkart application was initiated. Visually impaired people will be able to use both handicapped card and handicapped card. There is a distress here and other handicapped people need to go to the elkart application. Visually impaired people who want to remove the Elkart eldership of the Metropolitan Municipality of Elkart Health Board report, a photo, can apply together with the identity cards and old cards, '' he said.

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