Diyarbakır Ergani's New Public Transport Route to Salihli Neighborhood

📩 24/12/2018 22:36

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality offers a convenient and comfortable transportation service to the citizens by opening new routes to the neighborhoods where public transport services are not provided before in the external districts.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues its work for more comfortable and comfortable public transportation services and continues to open routes to neighborhoods where public transport services are not provided before. The Metropolitan Municipality established a route to provide transportation services to the citizens living in the Salihli neighborhood. A total of 12 households and approximately one thousand 230 citizens will benefit from the newly opened route.

The Metropolitan Municipality has opened a new route to the neighborhoods and hamlets on the group road upon the high demands of the citizens living in the Salihli neighborhood of Ergani. Public transport service to the citizens of the neighborhoods, which are not provided public transport service until the hospital, education, health and commercial needs to provide transportation to the city center to be opened with the aim of providing public transportation services.

In the morning, the Salihli neighborhood will start in 07.00. Ergani - Yol Bulan - Pinar Kaya - Salihli will pass through the locations on the route that will be served by 18.00 vehicle with the code ES1.

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