Derbent Köseköy Commuter Train Is Good We Want All

We have a lot of trouble with the commuter train. Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı running between the 20 more than one day, our suburban train "Two years later will come again," he was removed by saying. Almost 10 years have passed. Pendik and Arifiye working between the day 4 who want to take the train is required.

Last week there was a significant improvement. The Köseköy and Derbent stations finally entered service again. Suburban trains now stand in these two towns. The passenger is taking, the passenger is downloading. For thousands of students in Derbent station, Köseköy station has been very good for thousands of employees. But still there is no special line described to be made for commuter train.
Very few 4 times a day. Moreover, for some reason, both TCDD, municipalities, Köseköy and Derbent stations do not want to publicize the public. Hang on the bilbordlara, hang the banners of the edges of the bridges. Hear people un

Meanwhile, the target is still a suburban train between Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı. With the special commuter line promised to be made, the 20-25 must be exited on the day as it used to be, the commuter train should be able to stand at all stops, including Tavşancıl, 42 Homes. For now, after a very long time, we consider the opening of Köseköy and Derbent stations as a delayed but very important development. We still insist on our demands on the suburbs.

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